Clegg: Sit down and make new rules…

Simple as that really.

MPs claiming thousands of pound in expenses is bad enough. It is a matter that people, the voting public, are – shall we say a little bit peeved at MPs. It matters nought that they are having to run offices etc – what is in the focus is the fact that some are not doing anything illegal – but unethical.

Yet how is it dealt with – in a customary, “Well we know it is going on, and that it is almost immoral – but we will set up a committee to look into it and wait for what they say” – which is, as we know – total bollox!

The leaders could piss off on a weekend trip to Chequers – sit down and state what the rules are, come back and tell MPs that this is how it’s going to be – and that would be that. Job done.

But no:

Gordon Brown has asked the Committee on Standards in Public Life to widen its planned independent review of pay and allowances to include second jobs.

It follows news that minister Tony McNulty claimed expenses for a house his parents lived in.

The review, which follows a five-month inquiry by MPs last year, will not start work until the autumn.

And the little darlings wonder why people say they piss in the same pot!

“The chairman has said he doesn’t think he’s going to come back with recommendations until after the next general election.

“Gordon Brown, David Cameron and myself could sit down tomorrow morning and just agree a new set of rules.”

Good on Clegg for having common sense – something very lacking in the houses of parliament.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Expenses probe too slow – Clegg.

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