The sheer pig-headed hypocrisy of it all makes my ovaries itch!

As I am a man – this is one of those times when I take what a woman, Laurie Penny, says at face value.

I don’t have a living clue what making her ovaries itch means – but I am under the assumption that it is something akin to ‘I am more than raging, I am raging like never before’. But I could be wrong.

Good piece by her over at LC, go read it.

Do they actually wander the corridors of Whitehall stroking overfed white cats, cackling to themselves and rubbing their hands with glee when brownbeaten assistants scurry up to tell them that the local orphanage has been demolished just as they ordered?

I don’t know if she meant to say ‘Browbeaten’ or ‘Brownbeaten’ – but the latter just has so much more of a ring to it – classic!

Well done, Laurie!

Liberal Conspiracy » McNulty, hypocrisy and the Westminster bubble | creating a new liberal-left alliance.

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