Pap: Material lacking real value or substance

And that just about sums up Jack Straw’s Bill of Responsibilities.

It was supposed to be a Bill of Rights – but you will see come the publishing of this ‘pap’ – it is all about how people should live within their means, environmentally-wise, and do as they are told.

How the hell is that anything near a Bill of Rights?

It isn’t.

Launching a new consultation paper, he told MPs that people’s responsibilities also had to be defined “explicitly”.

These included parents’ duty to look after their children and not claiming benefits when able to work.


The green paper lists responsibilities including obeying the law, reporting crimes and co-operating with the police, paying taxes, voting and doing jury service.

It also urges people to treat NHS workers and other public sector staff with respect, safeguard the wellbeing of children in their care and to live “within our environmental limits”.

Mr Straw also said the government thought that “more should be done to bring out the responsibilities which accompany rights”.

If you ever wanted something to prove that those who walk the halls of Whitehall are living in cloud cuckoo land – then this is it.

For the Conservatives, shadow justice secretary Dominic Grieve dismissed the proposals as “pap”.

They had been repeatedly delayed and, as they would not be enacted before the next general election, were “for the birds”, he added.

I am no conservative – but that man is right.

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0 Responses to Pap: Material lacking real value or substance

  1. Rayyan says:

    Bloody hell, the irony of him, of all people, drawing up a Bill of Rights. I guess you could probably guess what’s on it:

    “You have the right to remain silent.”

    Although I suppose he’ll take that away soon too

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