It isn't just kids in America, Jack

I like Jack – I always have, I like the fact that he is a real straight talker, he should do a show, be an anchor – something on the lines of “No bias – no bullshit” – something along those lines. I don’t think he would do a bit on his show about an actress dying – but there again, maybe he would.

I don’t know the status of parenting in America. But I know a little about the status of education in America. Parents’ growing inability to impose manners and limits on their kids when the kids are in school is reflected in record dropout rates, as well as teen drug and alcohol abuse, teen sex, and unwed pregnancies. Maybe it’s parenting that’s on the decline, more than the schools.

The cross to bare is one on both sides of the Atlantic – and, to a larger degree, I do blame the US for the decline of UK education.

Too many times education programs have been brought in from the US into the UK, and they don’t work in the US so why the hell would they work in the UK. Yet – they are still brought in and used, to the same failing standards.

This piece on the BBC intrigued me somewhat.

Asking your kids about how their day went. How hard is it to do that? Apparently very hard:

Many parents feel “excluded” by their children’s reluctance to tell them anything about their time spent at school, suggests a survey.

The survey from the government’s educational technology agency, Becta [B.E.C.T.A.], suggests children do not like to be “hassled” by parental inquiries.

It found that 82% of parents wished they had more information about their children’s school life.

Only 16% of children volunteered information about their day at school.

The involvement of parents has been highlighted as an important element of children’s achievement at school.

“Hassled”? What the fuck does that mean? I would hope that the child would answer in the manner the question had been asked, as in showing enough respect for their parents in simply saying how their day had gone – good or bad!

From Jack’s piece:

Exhibit A: My wife and I have just been seated for dinner when the maitre d’ walks over and seats a young family at the table next to us and the kids start carrying on like orangutans on a leash.

The parents are going, “Timmy, that’s not nice, don’t throw your food, stop stuffing your mashed potatoes up your nose.” Are mom and dad having fun yet, picking food up off the floor, apologizing to people like us, and wiping food flung across the table off their faces?

Some parents still have this attitude that their kids are too special to be burdened by discipline. And the rest of us are supposed to put up with their little mutants. That attitude really pisses me off.

100% agree!

“Many parents anxiously question their kids at the end of the school day and this creates tension, conflict and a lack of essential communication,” said Professor Byron.


If that is the case then something is incredibly wrong – you are anxious asking your own child a question?

You ask them, you are the parent – and I hate it will a passion when some DUMB parent says they are their kids best friend – if you say that you are a moron, end of!

As a technology agency, Becta [B.E.C.T.A.] suggests that school websites and online resources for homework can help to make parent “feel much more a part of their child’s learning”.

It says that when parents are able to see what their children are learning they are more confident in talking about school work – both with the children and teachers.

Parents can also use e-mail to keep in touch with teachers, says the technology agency, and schools can alert parents of any attendance problems.

Of course – they are not taking the piss, but in all seriousness – if this is the answer that this agency comes up with – then there really is no hope – at all!

Excerpt: Parents, your kids aren’t that special –

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