Conservatives want to emancipate many?

An ideology that claims the high ground even when it has proven to be at fault isn’t really and an ideology – it is just a wrong ideal.

I don’t know who is watching Obama in the conservative ranks – but it looks like, still, they are bartering for a fight to the death – their own death – or at least a decent slumber for a long time where they will have to come into the world that is now rather than a fantasy land where their thinkers do nought but think of new tactics to derail what the American people – or a majority of them want.

From the article linked to you have this:

On health care, for example, the administration could develop the ideas advanced by Senators Robert Bennett (R., Utah) and Ron Wyden (D., Ore.) to encourage employers to raise employee salaries by an amount equal to the value of the health benefits they pay—and then to create a competitive national marketplace in which employees could buy health insurance plans for themselves.

Conservatives (and Wyden) want to emancipate as many insurers as possible to offer the widest diversity of plans, everything from barebones plans at rock-bottom prices to gold-plated service at full price, with insurers incentivized to deliver improving service at declining prices—much like markets for every other good and service.

Anything wrong with that? No? – well no, it looks decidedly good and why not? Let’s go with it.

What I see is the omission – I don’t suppose that any conservative would because they don’t look for it – ever!

The omission is that those insurance companies will, to a CEO, be looking for profit! So, where as it looks like a grand idea – it isn’t, because you still have the profit margin built in to the model and as that is the case you STILL have people who will not be insured or adequately insured as becomes self evident when you re-read what is said.

widest diversity of plans, everything from barebones plans at rock-bottom prices to gold-plated service at full price

It STILL means a disparity in healthcare and that is what Obama is against, I believe. This is why he has, once again, started at the very bottom with insuring the kids who are not insured.

This is why the conservative, GOP, or whatever you want to call them, do not “get it”.

But regulation must be held to a minimum lest it stifle cost-saving innovation. And we will oppose to the last any attempt to introduce a government-run insurer into the competition. Such an entity would compete on unfavorable terms with private insurers and eventually monopolize the industry.

But – the author has said in the same that he wants competition to bring about cost saving innovation! Is that the proverbial having your cake and eating it?

Those cost saving innovations are, as you know as well as I, saying that person A) cannot have surgery because they have a bare bones plan, and that person B) can because they have paid top dollar for theirs – see the problem? Yet – if you have a government insurer that is knocking the living shit out of private ones – with competition – the private insurer will go elsewhere to make profit.

The only emancipation that is wanted is one to make more profit – certainly not to provide cost-effective healthcare.

Then we go onto the good old climate change question – one denounced by conservatives – as its ‘not real’.

Ditto on climate. The Obama administration seems to imagine that it can use the climate issue to impose a vast regime of federal control on the entire energy industry. Utilities will be given quotas on how much electricity they must buy from wind or solar, with the costs embedded in customers’ bills and the entire regulatory system and its consequences hidden from view. Federal subsidies and controls will govern and distort the industry.

You mean like the ones given in tax breaks to the oil companies? Or something more transparent? And if the author doesn’t think that the oil, gas and coal industries are not making a few bucks off their customers – well, I must be from Mars!

The entire plan is premised on what most energy economists dismiss as childish fantasies: (1) that so-called renewables will ever provide cost-effective power and (2) that U.S. electricity use can be substantially reduced. And yet here, too, there is a deal to be done.

(1) See the Tesla story I did yesterday – it can be almost free except for the delivery of the electricity to the home/business/factory.

(2) I think you need to look at real insulations and energy saving devices that are already in the world out there! Quite a few of them, too!

The only war the Conservatives are going to have is with the American people – in 2010 if they want to filibuster everything that Obama wants to bring in.

But I say let them do so and then the people can see how really self-serving they are – and can vote Democrat en masse!

Does Obama want a deal or a war? – THE WEEK.

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0 Responses to Conservatives want to emancipate many?

  1. thetruth says:

    You dumb (N word used – if you don’t have the ability to be human, don’t post here) can’t balance a checkbook, how the fuck are you going to run a country?

    There’s no money left for these programs you stupid (*). It’s not the conservatives fault, and many people that use the title CONSERVATIVE are in fact fascists that want a technocracy.

    Maybe it’s time you got an education so you know your head from your ass.

  2. thebeadden says:

    No money left? Why is that? Because it is being spent and given to countries outside U.S? It is time to use tax payer money on the tax payers.

    Great Post, Will!

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