Campbell Brown on CNN's coverage of the AIG debacle…

What is clear is that this whole debate has been a massive political distraction, taking our focus off of how to solve the much bigger problem of shoring up our banks. This is what happens when our leaders are more concerned with taking full political advantage of the heat of the moment, rather than truly solving our problems.

Let me be clear, I am not defending the bonuses by any means. I am saying that we expect our leaders to stop and think for a moment about the consequences of their actions. If they had done so the first time around, those bonuses might never have gone out in the first place and our lawmakers could have focused on the many other problems we face. All of which had to take a back seat this week, so politicians could hold a witch hunt and grab a piece of the spotlight.

Well – that is all very well – yet, how many times do you see The Cable News Network harping on about it all day every day?

Is the dear Campbell saying that CNN – and others should not report the outrage of the American people or is she saying that it should be reported but no one should be outraged – or is it a matter that she now says that Bush and Co got it wrong all those weeks ago?

You can, without a shadow of a doubt, blame Congress for these problems – that’s very OK, but if you do that you also have to blame the same Congress pre 2006! And therefore you have to blame the reporters who supported that Congress back then – and who was most vocal in that support – including the invasion of Iraq?

Now I wonder.

If you want to blame the Obama administration then give it chance to do something – oh, but I forget, it has – more than any other president in the first 50 days of power Obama makes them all look redundant, negative reporting seems to take a while longer to flush out of the American system than those who oppose the change that the American people want.

What some should be wary of – is that it was the American people that made that change, how do you think they will make that change in a TV company?

Commentary: Don’t rush bonus tax –

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0 Responses to Campbell Brown on CNN's coverage of the AIG debacle…

  1. Juan says:


    Please do not misunderstand many a tax payer position…we deem these bonuses to be underserving of those receiving payments for services undelivered. When they have fully demonstrated, by full re-payment of all tax bailout monies recieved, and the company is solvent, bonuses can be distributed as the company bottom line demonstrates. Wall Street is finally making sense to the little internet folks. Don’t sell,”us”, main street short of getting “it”.

    Blue In a Red State

  2. john henderson says:

    WHY was Congress in such a rush in the first place? I believe it was an extreme economic crisis – WHY such a crisis? Ask W.Bush

  3. Fat Campbell says:

    Campbell Brown looks like she is putting on a lot of weight.

  4. We Messed Up...Yes We Did! says:

    This will cost us more than the bonuses in the end if these execs sue the Government over making that law to tax the bonuses. Can you imagine the court cost that will come out of this over the years in attorney fees, etc? I am sure it will be more than the bonuses by far!! Just my 3 cents!

  5. JimZ says:

    I thought that congresspersons took an oath to uphold the constitution, not make a farce of it. How shameful. With the giant staff that each one of these congresspersons have, you can’t convince me that didn’t know. We need to scrape off the bottom of our shoes and vote the lot of them out.

  6. Jeri says:

    By no means am I rich, I should be mad at AIG. (but) Campbell, chew on this a minute…You signed a contract with CNN. CNN comes to you and says ‘ You know, we didn’t get the advertising dollars we were originally aticipating and the Government is giving us a bunch of money to stay afloat. We understand we promised you a bonus but unfortunately you will not be receiving it. Sorry for your luck. Take care.’
    You know you would be hot and probably looking for a job elsewhere. A contract is a contract and whomever wrote those contracts should be who has to pay it back.

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