Campbell Brown: Cable news is over the top…

Guys, get it together please. We don’t need you to feel our pain. We need you to fix this problem, minus the histrionics. Leave that to cable news.

Feel our pain?


Campbell is a well paid anchor of her own show on CNN! What pain is she feeling?

But she does use The Col’bert man as an example – so I guess, guys, she is being serious at this point.

I read her show “No Bias – No Bull” as being ‘no bias from this show and no bullshit in reporting it to you’ – but I could be wrong – and from that performance – I think I am.

Commentary: Let cable news bash AIG –

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0 Responses to Campbell Brown: Cable news is over the top…

  1. Melodye Pierson says:

    Today was a positive day and yet Campbell Brown continues her negativity. We
    realize her husband’s Republican ties and they override positive reporting. There
    are also positive stories coming from states not suffering as much and people need
    to hear that instead of constant bashing. CNN has some excellent anchors and it
    is unfortunate she is not in that category. Bring on Larry King, John King, Anderson Cooper, Candy Crowley, David Gergen for impartial, yet very informative
    comments. Two hours of Lou Dobbs and Campbell Brown is a recipe for depression.

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