Dave Cameron: I am not really a Thatcherite…

As if!

When you look at what Dave has to say – well just about everything – it is all to do with being the polar opposite to Gordon Brown, or Tony Blair.

Although Tory-lite are in office now that polar opposite would take the UK parliament further to the right, which my guess is they don’t want to go that-a-way – they would preferably go more to the left, and in that lies a problem to be theorised over. Is it the case that the public want to move left or more toward a Thacher clone?

Dave Cameron will bring back Thatcher policies – he will simply cut taxes for those who don’t need tax cuts and will cut spending on just about everything irrespective of how good it is. Yet Dave likes to be one of the boys – and as the electioneering takes a pace forward he is going to come out of the Whitehall flack-jacket bubble and speak to us ordinary folk.

Or at least those in Watford.

But at yesterday’s press conference, cheerfulness kept breaking in. Mr Cameron would begin a serious train of thought: “People are looking for some straight talking…

Didn’t John McCain say the very same thing? Will Cameron call off his campaign to go and seek to sort out the countries problems at the drop of a hat – I don’t think so, because he has already solved the problems of the UK while in opposition – or so he keeps telling people.

He went on to say that on arriving in Watford he would expose himself, as he has already done “to almost 5,000 people” at 25 such open meetings, to “any unscripted question” which the British public wished to put to him. People would be able to ask “what I think about UFOs and our potential confrontation, sorry conversation, with them”.

Town hall meetings!? Fook! John McCain would be proud!

Mr Cameron has the English compulsion to lighten any occasion which threatens to get too serious with a joke.

That was the piece, the one sentence that made me take real not of this story – because it is true. While you watch Cameron in either PMQs or on TV he is more akin to a poor stand-up comedian than the potential leader of the UK. He just jokes too much. I am waiting for him to tell the British people that the fundamentals of the economy are strong and then end that with a “Nahh…I was only joking” remark.

To prove his fiscal dynamics Cameron announced that he will freeze the BBC licence fee, if he was really into that fiscal stuff wouldn’t he be more concerned with making nPower reduce their bill in gas for their customers? Not just them – but all the other energy suppliers?

No, the BBC is an easy target for the Tories, attacking those who have brought real strife to the British people means nothing to them – after all, it is business who are paying the Tory bills at the moment.

The Tory leader has realised that the best thing to do with Mr Brown is to keep well away from him: “The next government of this country will need to make a really clean break with the past.

And there lies Cameron’s real problem – his break from the past is a matter of going back to the one Thatcher was the queen of – and that is a real break from the future.

David Cameron looks for serious relationship with British public – Telegraph.

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0 Responses to Dave Cameron: I am not really a Thatcherite…

  1. Kelsie says:

    £140 in savings a year is less than most Americans’ tax returns…how this translates into a major fiscal rejuvenation for the ordinary Briton on the street escapes me. I’m not up to speed on the VAT debate, but it does seem that a cut there would be more immediate and, in the long run, perhaps more effective than freezing the licence fee (and I assume that is for FY 2009-2010?).

    Maggie Thatcher (and Alistair Campbell, for that matter) must be ecstatic.

    And how about Canada? Are CBC to suffer in this malaise as well?

  2. Kelsie says:

    (hit ‘Submit’ too soon)

    I wouldn’t invest much long-term faith in Mr Cameron, either; it seems somewhat unlikely he’ll turn around after the end of that one year’s freeze and hand the licence fee back to the BBC with no riders or preconditions.

    It’s pathetic, I think (for what that’s worth, me being a supposedly disinterested American), to see Mr Cameron going after the easiest target in lieu of real, thoughtful policy formulation. His proposal, both its substance and presentation at the press junket, sounded as though he and a couple of cronies had concocted it on a paper napkin at the local pub an hour before facing the cameras.

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