The right is full of people who break a man’s legs and then complain about him not standing on his own two feet.

I have to say that I didn’t make that title up, but I feel that it encompassed so much of what I feel about the Conservative right or the right in general that I had to use it.

Each time you hear the political bullshit from that side of the political sphere I want to wretch. The smugness that I saw from day one of Thatcher and from those who followed in her footsteps, including Tony Blair and Gordon Brown – well it makes me want to vomit that those who called themselves left can piss in the same pot as the aforementioned Iron Lady.

You have to look at Cheney’s interview on CNN to even begin to empathise.

All that they did, and all that they have left will not be realised in the US for decades to come – that is the fear I have for those who live there. Obama may, and I am sure will, get the US out of this mess they are in at the moment – and up-turn in the economy is around the corner. Yet – if he doesn’t become more radical than he is now the American people will be feeling the wrath of the Bush and Cheney policies in another 25 years – and that is almost guaranteed.

There is so much hope, still, in the American people that Obama and his administration can bring about real change – not just a matter of stopping the illogical argument of simply reducing taxes to pay for votes at the next election. I CAN guarantee that you will have a Tory and Labour campaign based on how much of the income tax burden they will reduce.

Any sane person knows that a country needs taxes – a country needs to pay for one hell of a lot of things – yet what the government doesn’t realise is that we, the people, get it! We know that those taxes are needed. What we also know is that we want our money spent well! We want to see a real return for that money.

Will Obama do that in the US? I have a sneaking suspicion he will.

What I find is that I am not as optimistic about the UK. There doesn’t seem to be a leader in the two main party’s who will make such a high standard a requirement in office.

We see that is really is politics as usual in the UK. You have the right saying that they are quite will to break the legs of the people and expecting them to stand up and be counted – be resilient and stand on their own two feet – the problem with that is we see exactly the same policy wrapped in red wrapping paper from those who claim to be left.

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0 Responses to The right is full of people who break a man’s legs and then complain about him not standing on his own two feet.

  1. grumpajoesplace says:

    I am from the right. I wretch every time I hear a far left liberal speak non-sense. Obama is too radical, and the American people will eventually come to their senses and boot his ass out of the empire he is trying to establish.
    The right is not about not paying taxes. They are about paying only that which is necessary to protect the country. Welfare programs only serve to remove the brains of good people and make them dependent on “Brother.” They give up their liberty to get the handout.

  2. ReyMac says:

    really? “the right is not about not paying taxes.” then why are the republicans bitching and moaning about going back to tax rates that they were paying before? and why are they screaming about more tax cuts even though most people in this country are getting tax cuts? the purpose of the government is to “promote the general welfare” – check the Constitution. that removing the brains crap is ridiculous. the title of Will’s post is the most accurate assessment of right-wing republicanism (Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, you) that I’ve heard in a long time.
    it’s easy to say do it yourself when you have a head start. when you’re tied to the starting line, it’s a different story.

  3. grumpajoesplace says:

    The right is willing to pay taxes that pay for “general welfare,” as defined by the founding fathers. We are opposed to paying for all the needless programs that have failed and are working counter productively. Welfare, education, Medicare, etc are all examples of failed programs.
    Making people welfarfe dependent takes away personal inititative which could be their salvation. If you as a Lib want to call that crap, so be it. It is what it is.

  4. ReyMac says:

    you do know that public education is part of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, adopted under the Articles of Confederation and used up until this day (which means the Founding Fathers used it, too) to incorporate new states into this wonderful country of ours?
    those programs that you mention do indeed need to be re-thought, but the myth that you’re perpetuating about “small government” and “paying only that which is necessary to protect the country” has never existed. ever. so rather than griping about “Brother”, why not come up with a solution that actually addresses the general welfare, and stop being a republicant?

  5. grumpajoesplace says:

    Great point! There is nothing more sacred than our constitutional right to education. People from all countries admire our education system. They come here to get their kids educated. Most of the new citizens know the value of what we can give them. So why, then, do we have such a miserable record of educating children? We have had forty years of very liberal solutions to many of the school problems that our kids face. Most of them fail. Why? What is our solution? We throw more money at it. Currently, our latest excuse is that many of our school buildings are too old. Many countries have older buildings than ours (aka China) and are able to produce competently educated students. Why do we continnue to fail? My guess is that we spend almost enough to put a teacher in charge of each student. Why? Where are the solutions? Why do we continue to spend, and spend, and spend to propogate a failed system?
    Many parents today, sacrifice alot to send their kids to private schools. Why? Because they provide a better education. These schools are in the same neighborhoods,have lesser facilities, and pay their teachers significantly less than the public schools. Why? Where is the answer from the Liberal front?
    Here is one conservative proposal;
    1. Eliminate teacher’s unions. They only serve to propogate incompetency. How can a school work with teachers that are disinterested, and not reviewed in a meaningful way?
    2. Re-establish discipline within the school. Throw out students that are not interested, or better yet, smack the shit out of them for agregious infractions. If their parents object, ask them to leave.
    3. Make parent involvement a requirement. No parent, no education.
    4. Stop throwing more and more rules at the schools. The money given to schools from each government program places requirements on the teaching staff to compile reports that take time away from teaching, grading, counseling.
    5. Reward good teaching, not time served as a teacher.
    6. Allow parents to use government money to send their kids to private sector schools.
    Are these tired old ideas that don’t work? No they are tired old ideas that do work.
    Yesterday, I watched an interview with Bill Clinton. he bragged about how his school lunch programs were revised to reduce the amount of calories a student consummed. He also proclaimed how they had reduced the number of high sugar drinks sold in school vending machines. How’s this for a response. Why give kids a lunch at all? In my day, my mother packed a simple sandwich in a brown paper bag and that is what I ate. She worried about what I ate, not the Feds. The school allowed us to buy a half pint of milk to help us swallow the sandwich. Vending machines weren’t invented yet, so that wasn’t a problem either. We took recess in the morning, played during lunch hour, and took recess in the afternoon. Type two diabetes was not a factor. Obesity was non-existant. Somehow, I managed to get a grammar school diploma, a high school diploma, and a BSME. When I married and had children, all of them did the same thing.
    It’s not complicated, only big thinkers like to make it complicated.
    Simple is better, big complicated government is not the answer. You must agree that we’d be better off startiing off all over again with a clean sheet of paper, to re-invent the schools. It would cost less and we’d pay less taxes.

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