Should Scotland have another independence referendum?

Tavish Scott is calling on Alex Salmond to stop it with these calls for a new referendum on Scottish independence, but why? He says it is simply a matter of doing so on cost of the referendum and that he [Salmond] should concentrate on the economic crisis.

Yet there a re a few, and I mean quite a few, in England – I am one of them – who would gladly, willingly accept a new referendum, and if that meant Scotland going on its own jolly way – we would accept that, too.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Tavish Scott has demanded the Scottish Government ditches its planned independence referendum.

Mr Scott told the SNP to drop the “independence panto” and focus on tackling the recession.

At the Scottish Lib Dem conference, he branded the SNP government’s planned Referendum Bill a waste of cash

Mr Scott said economic recovery was his party’s top priority, and called for more powers for Holyrood to achieve it.

And that is where I have the problem.

More power than Holyrood already has just means that Scotland is more, but not quite, independent of Westminster than it is now – so go for full independence. Added to that Wales, NI and England would have more cash to spend in those countries and they won’t have Scottish MPs ruling the roost – like Gordon Brown.

A win-win methinks!

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Scott: ‘End independence panto’.

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0 Responses to Should Scotland have another independence referendum?

  1. Thomas Martin says:

    Your title is misleading since Scotland has never had an independence referendum.

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