Is someone off their rocker?

I know that, in real terms, £38m isn’t a lot of money – for international aid that is – but why the hell is the UK giving this to china – in aid?

Suggestions that the UK should continue giving millions of pounds in aid to China until 2015 have come under fire from the Conservatives.

The Commons International Development Committee says that despite China’s economic growth, it still suffers substantial poverty.

The superpower, which spent £20bn on last year’s Beijing Olympics, received more than £38m in British aid in 2007.

The Tories say that UK aid should be targeted instead on poorer countries.

Seriously – is someone taking large quantities of drugs, the illegal kind!

That is complete madness.

The cross-party International Development Committee had concluded that the aid is effective and needed in a country where just under half the population still live in poverty.

Millions have no access to clean water, sanitation or health care and HIV/Aids is spreading fast within vulnerable groups.

It said that aid to China should continue beyond the government’s current proposed cut-off point of 2011.

Members want Britain to offer up to £10m a year until 2015 – more than twice the aid the UK gives to poverty-stricken Liberia, according to Mr Mitchell.

I am not a great proponent of just doling out aid, I do feel it is needed, but just giving it to the countries government – albeit a corrupt one or not – isn’t what is really needed. Targeted aid for those who are in the most dire of need. We can argue who will administer that at a later date – but CHINA!?

Chairman Malcolm Bruce said: “Despite recent rapid growth, there is still substantial poverty in China. The global financial crisis and the 2008 earthquake have exacerbated existing poverty.”

He said the Department for International Development (DFID) had built influential relationships in China in areas such as agriculture and climate change.

“The costs of not helping China to continue to develop, and to develop sustainably, are likely to be higher to the UK taxpayer than providing limited funding for an ongoing development partnership,” he added.

Ahhhhhhh! The penny doth drop!

Britain stops the aid and we don’t get such a good trading partner!


BBC NEWS | Politics | Tories hit out at UK aid to China

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0 Responses to Is someone off their rocker?

  1. Nate says:

    If that money is really supporting useful relationships between Britain and China on a technical level to work together on real issues then I’d say it’s worthwhile. It’s certainly nothing compared to the many billions that Europe sends to China every year in the form of a trade deficit.

    It all depends on what form this aid takes. If it’s used to pay British workers to run programs in China, that’s great. If it’s handed over to the Chinese government, not so great. I’m betting it’s the former, though, as that’s a more common form for foreign aid to take.

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