I say old chap, my school tie was State-funded!

This story and this story made me think I was dreaming!

In the Independent story it says:

Education’s best kept secret, state-funded boarding, is coming out of the shadows and into the limelight.

Too bloody right – I never knew there was a State-funded boarding system in the UK.

But I can see why Old Etonian, Dave Cameron, would like that – after all he did say just a few weeks back that he would allow his kids to go to a State school if the school was good enough – now we know what he was talking about.

A new generation of academy boarding schools would be established by a Tory government to improve the chances of pupils from deprived backgrounds, the party said last night.

Michael Gove, the shadow schools secretary, said state-funded boarding schools could become an important tool in overcoming the widening gap between pupils from affluent and less well-off backgrounds.


We, again, come back to the same old story – one that will not go away because no one, none of the Parties will take this football home. I have blogged about the same, education, thing before.

Now, this Tory idea just makes me wonder if they really are of this planet or not. To me, this is complete bollox!

“Boarding is not the answer in all cases but we are exploring the potential of how it can support vulnerable children where appropriate, perhaps those that are excluded from mainstream education or in foster or local authority care,” says a spokesman from the Department for Education and Skills. The idea made it into the Labour Party manifesto this year and proposals to expand the sector are expected in the White Paper on school reform.

It’s certainly a persuasive argument. The creaking care system cannot compete with boarding schools, which can offer continuity of care, a wide array of horizon-widening activities, highly developed pastoral care systems and good academic standards.

So, these schools will be an aside to the care system? What the hell is wrong with the care system if schools have to take over? Foster kids can’t be fostered because? Some dumb-shit PC crap probably so whack them into boarding school instead!?

Is this real or is it that I have taken a sleeping pill and this is what I am having a nightmare about – it is just nuts!

Gove said “looked-after” children – those who live with foster parents – who are placed in boarding schools perform three times as well as the average level of achievement of other state boarders. The attainment gap between looked-after children and others at GCSE in day schools was 49.4% last year.

Nothing at all to do with the LEAs then not passing the money onto the schools – or the fact that schools are still widely under-funded?

Thatcher will piss her knickers with glee at this one.

It helps that Lord Adonis, a former Downing Street policy adviser and now an influential junior education minister, has experience of how boarding can help children in difficult situations. Brought up by his father in a council flat in north London, Adonis was funded by charitable trusts to go to Kingham Hill independent boarding school in Oxfordshire. His trajectory from there – Oxford, the Financial Times and now the heart of New Labour – tells its own tale.

It does – it certainly does!

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