Free is just another word for socialist

To begin with a quote:

Conservative opponents have criticized Obama’s new administration, saying it has pushed the country toward socialism and that his $787 billion economic stimulus package will do little to revive the struggling economy.

From adopting the lard arse Limbaugh to regurgitating the old ‘socialist’ word what more do the Republicans have?

Obama is saying that the pillars of the recovery will be in place this year. That’s fine by me, but I think he is a little way off unless he agrees that the real recovery will start around August/September. Yet – that is by the end of the year. I also believe that jobs will be created sooner than that and companies will be hiring again.

So if the American people want to be free, in Limbaugh’s sense, does that then mean that they would become socialist? What you have to first do is simplify that with a question – what do the GOLP* believe in? What is their mantra other than what got the US into this mess in the first place? What is it – exactly?

The American people spoke and said they want a new direction – one that I feel Obama is giving them – yet, we still see that the GOLP are carping on about the same dead, defunct policies of the last administration. They are a laughing stock.

Whooping it up, telling the world they are not dead – well at least Conservatism isn’t – that they will come back from the disaster that is/will be an Obama presidency, that they are willing to govern.

All I can say to them on that score, even if Obama fails, which he won’t – I can actually see the majority of Americans going further to the left than adopting the Republican party as it stands now.

As it stands now, in my view, is more right than Bush took it. In the GOLP now even Reagan would seem a lefty!

Just incredible.

*GOLP [Grand Old Limbaugh Party]

Obama: Don’t fear the future –

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0 Responses to Free is just another word for socialist

  1. Imee says:

    I enjoyed reading your post and I have to say, I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m not a GOP hater (your GOLP quip was funny, by the way), but I do think they’ve been taking things a little TOO far sometimes, especially lately. I do think the new administration is making steps towards change for the better, and a lot of Republicans have been taking things out of context the wrong way. It’s hard to see people disagreeing because of political beliefs, in the midst of an economic crisis. I just hope Obama and his administration won’t get sick of taking care of the nation despite the many naysayers. He’s still got a lot of supporters anyway. 😉

  2. Lia says:

    The GOLB uses fear-mongering and oversimplification of political issues to win over its followers. Its truely sick. They’ve been throwing the “socialist” card out there from the begining to scare conservatives and the politically uneducated. We really need to do something about ALL of our government systems as well as tackle the issue of media propaganda and fear-mongering. Thanks for this interesting post!

  3. eksith says:

    “In the GOLP now even Reagan would seem a lefty!”
    And Barry Goldwater would have been drawn and quartered.

    Just to be clear, I still have reservations about the bill, but saying “Nothing” should be done or that tax cuts alone are the answer is just stupid beyond belief.

    When you see the tracks are out, it’s time to stop the train or change tracks. You just don’t head in the same direction.

    I know Limbaugh is aware of this, but he’s too busy playing Jim Jones to care about the truth. Makes you wonder who is really drinking the Kool-Aid.

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