Mythbusters – but that ISN'T the point!

I would suggest that you watch the video that I came across on the linked blog.

You can watch it here: 2:43 in.

Or you can watch it on the Blog I don’t mind – but watch it anyway.

While I was reading the YouTube comments one person said:

This is all very well and good but the tests were in an place where no one was supervising the transaction – it was really obvious that they were using fake methods – if you were proving your id at a border or at a bank, someone would be watching you do it so it would be pretty obvious you were not using your real fingerprint.

But is that the point. The guys on Mythbusters showed, with a little known and talked about technology your biometrics can be used without you knowing. OK – will it be that some international criminal tries to get into one country or another with latex fingerprints? Obviously no – but that isn’t the point at all. It does prove, and beyond reasonable doubt that your fingerprints can be obtained and – can you imagine trying to say that you weren’t in [add city here] when a certain crime took place – after all, your biometrics were lifted from the place!

Border control isn’t what this is about – it is the government enabling a sophisticated, or not when the criminal become proficient, criminal network being out of reach of the law by using the very thing the government wants to introduce to make us all ‘safe’.

After rejecting the plans five times, the House of Lords finally dropped its resistance to fingerprint and take mugshots of everyone on the island.

Compulsory ID cards?

Of course not! You will not be required to use an ID card unless you wish to work, use the banking or health system, travel or receive benefits.

Will your data be secure on their hands?

Government items to have disappeared since 1997 include a motorbike, laptops, mobile phones, satellite phones, BlackBerries, a Victorian desk, numerous satellite navigation devices, a £10 wall clock, a toaster and 12 rolls of gaffer tape.

And this is not me making it up, this list is the written answer supplied to Mike Weir, the Scottish National Party MP for Angus.

He isn’t making it up – but even with the government losing millions of addresses, bank details, and a lot more – including national insurance numbers – just imagine what, by the government enabling criminals and terrorists – what they could do with that information!

Still feel that biometrics are a good idea?

Remember on that NO2ID video – ‘Hackers ask HOW?’ then get on with finding a way.If you think that the government is one step closer to finding all the criminals and terrorists – they are not, not only that they are, by default, giving them the power to really stitch you up.

Say NO to a database and ID state!

Privacy Lover » Video: No2ID, stop the UK database state now.

More action needed


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0 Responses to Mythbusters – but that ISN'T the point!

  1. museditions says:

    I fear you have accidentally posted a chapter from your futuristic sci-fi spy novel in place of your blog post. 😮 Seriously, this is some scary stuff. I just watched an actor on a crime/spy show put sticky tape over an entire hand print on a soft-drink can; paste it over their own hand, and walk right into a highly secure facility. Not too far in the future.
    If we come to rely on fingerprint scanners, and such, I see another couple of ramifications. At the moment, I have an injury on my right thumb. (A cactus spine became stuck there; long story…) The injury and other unpleasantness resulted in obscuring my usual print—I checked! If I had to rely on that particular print for i.d…
    And then, after watching the video you linked, I began to think of people leaving fake fingerprints at crime scenes. Right now they positively determine a person’s presence at a scene, a little bit into the future they may not. 😕

  2. museditions says:

    Oh my! Really? The scene seemed so (updated) 1984-ish that it seemed like fiction, even though I know these technologies and desires are completely possible! Well! When you publish, I shall read. I look forward with anticipation, my friend. 🙂
    Dumb?!? None of us are quite smart enough to understand what’s really going on. 😉

  3. PiedType says:

    What humans can contrive, humans can foil.

  4. thebeadden says:

    I watched the video from my blogsurfer. It doesn’t shock me at all. I could rant about this stuff forever. We are being led into a future of being human cattle. It has nothing to do with our safety or security.

    The mention of it being used to corrupt or contaminate crime scenes. It happens all the time even without these high tech gadgets. But with people believing they are fool proof…you know the rest of the story.

    We get what we ask for. People aren’t standing up for their rights. They know the loss of human jobs when they use technology. We have to stand firm. Refuse to shop in stores that don’t have human cashiers.

    Stop using cards, use money. Go to tellers, not machines. If we all refused to use, what else can they do?

    Ah, but that is just my Utopia. 😉

    Another thing. I am feeling a bit left out of the loop here. A novel? 😦

  5. thebeadden says:

    Ahhh, hard times for the book industry right now. I know…of topic. Feel free to delete this after you read it.

    Any of those books hiding somewhere on line to peruse? 😉

    Here is an idea:
    Just write about anything they want the masses to believe. Write about how they are right and it is better for us.

    Write about anything that will keep us afraid and how big brother saved us!

    Anything you are against, do the opposite. Sure sell! 😉


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