a big circle jerk

The Conservative Political Action Conference is meeting right now somewhere. The black guy is saying, “my bad.” The moosewoman didn’t go, and neither did the brown guy who doesn’t like volcanoes and likes exorcisms (he went to Disneyworld).

2568So the angry white men are yelling at each other about how they’re doing the right thing by “sticking to their principles” and shouting into the empty room about “let the markets regulate themselves.” This mutual stroking of the egos without even John Boehner’s level of inattention to the actual governance of the United States may feel good for them, but it is a death knell for the Republican Party as a force in national politics.

And the women that they do have there are trying to stroke egos, too – Michelle Bachmann said to Michael Steele, “you be da man . . . you be da man.” WTF?

If not for the twenty-four hour newscycle, to which I admit I am fighting an addiction, these bad jokes would be trying to cover the cracker in a dark room of their own design, and none of us would be the wiser. But since the media machine must be fed, and MSNBC is my TMZ, I’m watching the Brittany meltdown elephant-style.

And they’re bringing back the hits and misses from eras past, much like President Obama is recycling and reusing many of the successful components of forty-two’s administration. Unfortunately for them, Mitt Romney,  Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Tucker Carlson, Bay Buchannan and the rest are all ridiculously out of the business of succeeding in politics. Oh, sorry . . . I forgot – Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher is there, too.

But I guess as long as they continue to fantasize in small circles like this, I don’t have to see them screaming and lying and obstructing on television, right?

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0 Responses to a big circle jerk

  1. PiedType says:

    The Republicans should consider one of my favorite bits of wisdom: When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging!

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