I have read some bollox, but what does this mean?

I have, no really, never read anything so patently stupid for an age!

He [Tony McNulty, the UK employment minister] called Dame Stella’s remarks “abject nonsense” then declared in a most Prescott-like sentence, “Sadly I think talk, misguided talk, by informed commentators such as Stella Rimington, talking about a police state in any regard in the UK, does the job that she is accusing us of potentially doing.”

This bastardisation of the English language comes after Stella Rimington – her of MI5 fame – you know, the secret service in the UK said that the British government [New Labour] was using the fear of terrorism to bring about the errosion of civil liberties in the UK and there is a possible police state just around the corner.

New Labour are, as you may guess, electioneering right now – they are getting ready for the day they can call a snap election that they hope will favour them – and, from what I read so is the civil service. They, too, like this new power they have. You cannot believe what the government is saying about civil liberties – once, a long time ago, Labour could be said to be the most righteous in believing in civil liberties – but, again, this isn’t the Labour party that is in power, it is something very different. But all that said it matter nought.

Previously ministers have been able to get away with dismissing critics who are concerned about the government’s record on rights and liberty, but Dame Stella packs a punch, because, like Lady Manningham-Buller, one of her successors at MI5 who opposed 42-days, she is not a usual suspect fielded by the liberal cause. I [Henry Porter] have met her a couple of times – once when we shared a platform at the Cheltenham literary festival and on the Radio 4 Today programme when she was guest editor – and I can say that she makes up her mind on issues and is not given to wild and hysterical talk. She is measured and tough.

She was the chief of MI5 – she is no lightweight – by any stretch of the imagination – and, to add to that, she is establishment, too!

Now I am against the establishment – it has, over the eons of human existance – done far more harm than good, this is why I believe in progressive politics and policies.

What she said to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia was this. “It would be better that the government recognised that there are risks, rather than frightening people in order to be able to pass laws which restrict civil liberties, precisely one of the objects of terrorism: that we live in fear and under a police state.”

She is right and correct. The British people had to put up with the IRA from 1969 to the Good Friday Agreement – a truce which still holds today. So why must the fact that Muslim extremists must be seen in a different light than those terror tactics of the IRA, RIRA?

Because it means now, that the government can get away with doing what they do because they have not only a religious aspect, they have a sect of people who will do inhuman things to get their own way, yet, will the government use the words Muslim? The answer is no – because both they and the Tories need the Muslim vote!

People who live in the UK should be expected to live in tolerance with each other – that is a given, but if a certain section of society wish to adjunct what is an integrated society with violence should be condemned by all, certainly not a matter of bringing about legislation that is aimed at 0.1% of that society and effecting 100% of it – that is walking toward a police state – not away from it.

Stella Rimington is right – and the British people should know that.

Henry Porter: We can’t afford to ignore Dame Stella Rimington’s warning about the erosion of our civil liberties | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk.

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0 Responses to I have read some bollox, but what does this mean?

  1. UK Voter says:

    Tony McNulty is normally a good speaker, even if, most of the time I do not agree with what he says. But, on this ocassion, as you say, he doesn’t make any sense at all. Once again we have a government in place that attempts to crush any opposition to their plans. They have of course, been crushing the people of this country for years, using terrorism as an excuse and an erosion of civil liberties and right to privacy as the method. It is high time that the people of this country woke up to the fact that freedom of expression, liberty and the right to privacy has virtually been destroyed in the 11 years of this government. What a pity the Tories say little about this issue and perhaps even worst still, the LibDems, who you would expect to be most vocal, utter a few words but say nothing about repealing the legislation if they get into power or form a coalition. Now is the time for one of the parties to start making a real noise about this whole issue, because like it or not, it will come to the fore as soon as people, start supporting a nationalistic approach, which they will, even if this is only in relation to the economy.

  2. Uncle Vanya says:

    Mr McNulty, along with Missy Jacqui our Numpty Home Secretary, and several other Nuews Lie-bore ‘apparatchiks’ are very good at rubbishing anybody who voices criticises Gordon McRuin’s gubber-munt.

    The same can said of Tony McB’Liar before him. All are nothing but a bunch of proto-closet-Marxist-Leninisn ‘stazi’ control freaks. Of course they will be passing more laws before they are kicked out of office before May 2010, assuming they don’t try and engineer a Bob Mugabe coup to stay in office for ever and a day.

    I just do not trust, nor beleive anything this bunch of toss-pots say now. They have buggered up UK society, so they must be kicked out before they damage the UK in every which way. Its probably too late now.

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