Jacqui Smith – Your days may be numbered!

Posted by: Will Rhodes

I like the BBC!

I have to say that right at the very beginning of this post – because, rarely does the BBC use the words “Sleaze Watchdog” when referring to a new labour government minister.

Yet in this piece they have. And that could actually be bad for Smith – and lets hope it is.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has said she will “answer any questions” Parliament’s sleaze watchdog has about £116,000 in “second home” expenses.

Her “second home” is her home where her husband and kids live – her “first home” is where her sister lives in London! Get the problem now?

Now, Smith does say that she hasn’t done anything wrong – which, if you look at the rules, she hasn’t. So why is it bad?

Well – the point being this:

Jacqui Smith says she “sought advice” on claiming expenses

Erm, if she “sought advice” – then surely she must have had an upfront idea that this could have caused a problem? And as that is the case then surely she would have parted the waves rather than taking on something that could be attributed to a minister of the realm that could be ‘misconstrued’ as something that wasn’t, well, quite kosher!?

He told BBC News: “I think it’s wrong that someone like the home secretary should be claiming something that doesn’t appear to be true.

“I would hope that Jacqui Smith would tell the truth, which presumably can be backed up with police logs and she can say how many nights she spends in the house in London.”

Not for the first time does Mizz Smith falls behind the barricade saying that she hasn’t done anything wrong and it’s all in the rules – well that is just fine, but she is the Home Secretary – you HAVE to know if something is going to blow up in your face in such a way as this has – so far.

Will she be in the same job – or any job come the re-shuffle? Not if Brown has any sense!

And I do note the lack of support he has for Smith, she has brought about her own downfall, if it should come, all on her lonesome – getting rid of her could be a way forward – next Straw?

We will see how much Mandy is reading the press of late – and there will be changes, but who will be on the chopping block? Mandelson isn’t stupid – and he does want his baby, New Labour, to stay in power – and if he has to get Gordy to get rid of a few then he will – point is, is he too late?

BBC NEWS | Politics | Smith asked to explain expenses.

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0 Responses to Jacqui Smith – Your days may be numbered!

  1. Gary Murning says:

    A vile and incompetent individual. I’ve just blogged about her myself, Will. Looking forward to her political demise.

  2. Mary Jane says:

    I think what goes round,comes round!

    She started of Saying this is bad for you such and don’t do this, whilst all the time she’s claiming expenses from the taxpayers money, ie what me and you have to earned at word and have to pay for a seedy porn movie and god knows what else.

    One other thing, the expresion which comes to mind is, “live by the sword, Die by the Sword”


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