Yeah but, no but, yeah but…

Posted by: Will Rhodes

It is interesting when you have an apparent U-turn on the way kids, and adults, should be treated by those who teach.

For quite a while now the UK further education establishments have been places where extremists can go in and cherry pick the best to become some form of terrorist of the future – nice to know where your taxes are going, eh?

Well that is what you think when you read stories like the one linked to.

So are collages places to recruit extremists?

That would seem rather odd if they were – wouldn’t someone notice?

Maybe it is a matter that the government has been legitimising these groups by not batting an eyelid once they do say something about how one nation should not exist – once it came to extremist violence the government condemned it – if it was the spoken word then no – that’s fine, no one is looking.

Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker issued the following statement in relation to the programme:

“We face a real and severe threat from terrorism. Since 2007 over 87 people have been convicted of terrorism offences. The threat level facing the UK remains severe and we know we cannot simply arrest our way out of the problem. Our long term objective must be to stop people supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists in the first place.

“As part of our work to prevent terrorism, it is vital we engage with groups who can make a genuine difference in stopping the spread of violent extremism. We keep the projects we work with under continuous review and, should it become clear that the balance of benefit no longer lies in pursing particular projects, we will stop funding them.

“Accusations that Prevent is about spying on people or criminalising vulnerable individuals are simply untrue, and only jeopardise the vital work of Prevent to work with communities and keep vulnerable individuals safe from radicalisers.

“Our strategy to prevent people becoming terrorists is not simply about tackling violent extremism. It is also about tackling those who espouse extremist views that are inconsistent with our shared values.

“Decisions on which organisations to fund are taken very carefully and are subject to robust scrutiny. We are clear that we will not continue to fund groups where we have evidence of them encouraging discrimination, undermining democracy and being ambiguous towards terrorism.”

Interesting no?

BBC NEWS | Education | Colleges told to deter extremism.

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