Is he just the best salesman in the world?

Posted by: Will Rhodes

Reading the linked story it seems like Obama has pulled off one great victory from the jaws of Republican led defeat. The story also skims over the bi-partisanship of the Bill, but yet – as anyone with any sense of logic and a fair eyesight can see that it wasn’t the lack of bi-partisanship from Obama – quite the opposite, it was the Republicans who did not want to work with him nor the Democrats. This, to me, is how things will go until the Democrats have a majority in Congress.

Then Obama starts his first trip out West as president because White House aides say they believe Obama himself is their best salesman on the big agenda items coming. He will hold an economic event in Denver, Colorado, on Tuesday followed by the long-awaited unveiling, in Phoenix, Arizona, of his plan to deal with the foreclosure crisis on Wednesday.

What I like about the Obama tactic is that he is right in the face of Republicans, to whit he is announcing the foreclosure package in John McCain’s back door. That, to many Americans who are really hurting is a good step – McCain did and has asked for more help for those who are struggling keeping hold of their homes. A total buy-out of the toxic mortgages is not the right way of doing things, but a moratorium of stopping the foreclosuers is needed until people can refinance or sell.

That is the one thing that brought down not only banks but also the whole system in one stroke.

So what is Obama about to ‘sell’ to the American people next? Nothing that he didn’t say in the campaign – that’s for sure.

For the rest of the month, the White House agenda will focus on addressing the housing crisis, cleaning up the banking mess and laying the groundwork for reform of the health care system and entitlement programs like Medicare.

Obama did have to hit the ground running – and that has happened – did he have, like so many other presidents, have a honeymoon period? I think that will come when he leaves office in 2017.

There is a lot to do now, getting the economy back on track is, as everyone knows – the number one priority, but so much needs to be done his Blackberry will be burning hot for the next four years at least.

Obama planning ambitious road ahead –

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0 Responses to Is he just the best salesman in the world?

  1. eksith says:

    The best sales pitch anyone could ever make is listening to the “client”.
    We’ve all learned to turn down the volume when we’re being “told” this is the deal etc… etc… But not many have actually made a sales pitch specifically catered to what the client is saying.

    So we’ll see what he has to offer after he’s heard an earful from those home owners.

    Now that said, I still have reservations about this stimulus bill. If only, as I mentioned in an earlier comment, there are things that I don’t see contributing much even in the long term.

    This may be a lack of vision on my part, but I think the fact that even certain Democrats didn’t go with it or went later less than enthused is a sign some of the things in the bill should have been passed at a later date or rolled out over a period of time.

  2. ReyMac says:

    A honeymoon? Boehner and the like were chortling as President Obama finished his inaugural. Much like President Clinton was hounded throughout his presidency (with some responsibility laid squarely on his own anatomy), President Obama began this administration under direct assault by the people and ideology he defeated. However, his continued popularity around the country coupled with the passage of the stimulus coupled with the low numbers for the GOP seem to indicate that he is honeymooning even as he gets things done.

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