Jobcentres given new mission to save the middle-class jobless – Times Online

Posted By: Will Rhodes

It is never a nice scenario when someone loses their job. It is a matter that is can be catastrophic for some. I am old enough to remember the days of Thatcher and Boys from the Black Stuff.

Yet, I can’t see a Tarquin walking around asking every other worker he sees “Gizza Job!” That is way out there in the world of fiction – or is it?

The UK is now reeling from a jobless figure of 2 million people out of work. Many of those managerial jobs, and they are now getting a taste of what it is like to get up and go to the job centre and be treated like a piece of meat. This has been happening to the working-class for so long, the unemployed for so long – and now that the middle-class may have to been seen as worthless automatons – the government and opposition will change the way job centres work.

If that isn’t an indictment as to how the working-class are seen in the UK then I don’t know what is.

NHS and local authority leaders, will agree to advertise all non-specialist vacancies through Jobcentres and to increase the availability of apprenticeships.

David Cameron also called for a fundamental reform of employment help to reflect the fact that the economy was shrinking. Rules denying professionals funding to learn a trade should be scrapped, the Tory leader said. An incoming Conservative administration would introduce self-help jobs clubs to support people through the recession. “There isn’t just a hardcore of people not in work, education or training – we’re in an era of mass unemployment,” Mr Cameron said.

Ministers have become concerned about the rising tide of professional unemployment. “Frankly Jobcentre Plus just isn’t geared up to cope with the sort of people that will be coming through their doors in increasing numbers,” one said privately.

The Department for Work and Pensions has already signed an agreement with recruitment agencies to offer specialist help for unemployed professionals to find work. In addition the Department for Innovation, University and Skills is secretly negotiating with colleges to provide new 12-week courses specifically aimed at helping recently out-of-work professionals to refresh their qualifications.

The sort of people?! You mean to say that ‘the sort of people’ who have been coming through the jobcentre doors are looked down upon as official policy?

Though that doesn’t surprise me I can’t wait for the Times to do a story on how Tarquin and Elizabeth plus their 2.4 children have to claim council tax – and be treated as thieves for doing so.

But, I just can’t see that being published to be honest. That would just prove that the working-class have been treated like in-humans for so long, scroungers who the tabloids should rebuke. People who are taking all of that middle-class taxation and using it for their plasma TVs and smoke all day long.

If the middle-class get more because they are middle managers, lets see, after the up-turn comes, how long those programs stay in force for the working-class to take up the resources. They will be scrapped the minute they are not needed – but some of those who do walk through the jobcentre door may just, just remember what it was like – and do something, voice an opinion as to how unemployed people should be treated with much more respect.

Jobcentres given new mission to save the middle-class jobless – Times Online.

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0 Responses to Jobcentres given new mission to save the middle-class jobless – Times Online

  1. thebeadden says:

    And what exactly will these 12 week courses do? There aren’t any jobs to fill, upgrades or refresher courses are just there to keep them occupied and out of the job banks hair for 12 weeks.

    Then they will be back out seeking jobs that don’t exist.

    I hope the tax payer isn’t paying for those bogus courses like we do here in Canada.

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    I hope the tax payer isn’t paying for those bogus courses like we do here in Canada.

    Yep they are.

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