Cameron makes state school pledge – awfully nice of him, don't you think?

Posted By: Will Rhodes

David Cameron is walking away from his elitist views of schools, and makes a surprisingly accurate statement via shadow education secretary Michael Gove:

“The overwhelming majority of people rely on the state system and need it to be better,”

Well yeah!

But what are the Tories going to do to help schools get out of the pit of despair that is the political football it is – at each and every political and election campaign?

The party’s plan is for businesses or charities to set up thousands of new comprehensives which would be able to provide free education – but could operate without the restraints imposed by local authorities.

What the hell is it with Cameron and charities? He wants them to run the NHS as well. It is completely insane!

But, let’s get back to schools – what they need is for the parties, all of them, to get around a table and sort out a deal that will leave schools alone for 20/30 years – yes – a long time I agree, but you have to have a consistency in them. You need long to very long term planning. I do agree with him that schools should be taken out of LEA control – that is one thing I would bring to the table. But what do you put in place to bring education to the kids?

I don’t care what the LEAs say – they are as politically motivated as the parties who are kicking them around. You have to get the politics out of the funding of schools – and, to me, get that politics into the classroom. Teach kids about politics and show them how it is relevant to them and their future. But that is one part of the curriculum that can be negotiated.

Why don’t those in Westminster know that the money meant for schools doesn’t get there? It is like aid to Africa where the ruling junta/dictatorship wants the aid first for them to be the distributors. State schools have to fiddle the figures on such things like special needs kids – to get more cash – please, please don’t believe me on that – do a real audit on that money.

Schools in the UK are underfunded – it is as simple as that. But it isn’t just about Cameron saying that he will send his kids to states schools “as long as they offer a good standard of education.”

Throwing more and more money at the problem will not solve it – what will is the cash going directly to the schools and a complete restructuring of the syllabus and curriculum. Testing 5 year old’s is pointless. All that does is give a jobsworth a job so they can number crunch and pass on ‘that the system is working’ – when it is obviously not. Kids being unable to read and write is the real problem. Just taking a few that can and do, do well, testing them is massaging the figures all over again. And again, don’t believe me – do a real study on this.

I am not out-and-out criticising teachers – they do an awesome job with what they have – and that in itself is a problem. But unions still defend bad teachers, like anyone else, if they cannot do the job then retrain them or get in teachers who can, again, this is part of the problem – teachers need the best training going to teach the next generation. And that won’t be solved by just bringing in charities and businesses.

It is about time that those in Westminster started thinking outside the box – this is the 21st century, and it is about time they stopped thinking in the terms of the 19th!

BBC NEWS | Politics | Cameron makes state school pledge.

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0 Responses to Cameron makes state school pledge – awfully nice of him, don't you think?

  1. thebeadden says:

    Does this have something to do with the articles I have been reading that have many families not being able to pay tuition for the private schools because of the economy?
    I read there are lower enrollments, some leaving or requesting financial aid, which they can’t cover for every request.
    Nice timing….

  2. UK Voter says:

    I think the most powerful point made in your post is that politicians of all parties must get together and agree a common strategy for schools and then let them get on with it. Unlike many other things, learning requires a consistent approach, being used as a political football is not the way forward. The fact remains that our children, in spite of all the money invested, receive a worse education that many other in developed and perhaps less developed countries.

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