Want to read a good joke? And some say the left don't have a sense of humour…

Posted by: Will Rhodes

OK – I admit it – I really didn’t mean left-wing – New Labour isn’t left-wing!

But onto this, erm…story/blog post (Below) – something – not sure what it is or the point to be honest. If I get the gist of the thing I ‘think’ it is about losing a runway will mean that the BNP (British National Party) will get into power. Now, we have to take into account that the BNP are a fascist organisation, or something extremely close to it. Find their website and make up your own mind on that one. But, by-the-by, back to the story.

This is Labour propaganda at its very worst! It goes like this, lose this giant corporation influences scheme or you will be voting for an ultra-right party – and you know what, both the Tories and Labour keep banging on about the BNP – they must be loving it.

The joke part is this:

We never had a problem with the BNP when everyone had jobs, but now we’ve a BNP problem that stubbornly won’t go away. Although there may be resentment at Asian professionals buying homes next to the white unemployed, but the reality is that the BNP vote is less a racist vote and more a vote against everything you and I stand for. It’s a vote of lost hope.

In one way it isn’t a joke – the British people have lost hope – and a hell of a lot of trust. That comes from 30 years of Tory government.

The Labour party have been in power for 11/12 years and they now admit that there is hopelessness – GREAT!

It was only 3,000 jobs that were lost in the re-structuring at Dagenham. [Ford Car Plant]


Canary wharf may be based on finance but there are thousands of jobs in pay-role, computers, retail etc. The problem is that without high levels of education former car workers simply couldn’t compete for them. So they ended up on the dole and without hope.

Higher education – in Labour’s Britain, is to get a job at the local cafe selling tea and biscuits to old people!? To do the pay-roll of a second-class accountant!? To get a job in ‘computers’!? What the fuck does that mean?

The people of Dagenham and Barking didn’t have to concentrate on their education because they had jobs waiting for them at the factory. Unfortunately when it did close they found that having little in the way of education was a major problem.

So, from this, only frigging idiots who were under-educated went into factories and didn’t care about education!? Dan McCurry really needs a dose of reality.

Those manufacturing jobs were lost, not through the wrong inovation of the companies – they were lost because ‘governments’ made it easier for them to go over-seas to set up and import back into the country with far lesser quality products. It was a matter that you could set up a company manufacturing absolute shite in China at 45p ($1, and that is being generous) a day wages rather than have a company in the UK where people could earn a living and pay their way.

Those 3000 people employed spent their money and paid their taxes! They spent a little, saved a little and kept the economy going – now, the cafe serving person can’t do that.

And to think I used to be a Labour supporter, me ol’ dad would turn in his grave!

Heathrow and the BNP : Labourist | Where open minded people come together.

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  1. Hiya Will.
    Chip off the old block story for you. Did you see the item on Margaret Thatcher’s daughter getting canned by the Beeb for calling a tennis player a golliwog?

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