I'm confused: Republicans are still running the show…

Posted by: Will Rhodes

At the moment the US stimulus package is running its political course through Congress – and they are still arguing about this and that. Nero comes to mind here ‘He fiddled as Rome burned’. How Ironic.

You have Republicans, and some Democrats, saying that the Bill is way too big. Really? In comparison with what? My view is look at something you have hard facts about – like the cost of the Iraq war – I know, its a dead horse that has been beaten until the skin is no longer visible – but that idiotic war is still costing a billion a week.

You have the talking heads on the TV news carping on about the US economy – leaving out the cost of the war they supported. You don’t have the likes of Paul Krugman explaining why this stimulus package is needed so badly. You don’t have the MSM rallying around the US president to get the real message out. And with that you have to ask why?

You do have a printed and, oddly, expressed view from a Libertarian on CNN – and, as always, he advocates what got the US into the deep shit it is in now – and make no apology about it. Actually advocating that the US president follows this view.

Libertarian ideas to stimulate economy

The limitation of organised labour, the reduction of corporate tax to nothing, cutting all spending out of healthcare/social security, giving business every opportunity to trade ‘freely’ where ever they want to, bring in cheap labour from third world nations (to bring the wages down of working people), raise taxes on fuel, and so it goes on.

Didn’t Bush try that? Did it work?

Part of the greater plan of a government is the economy, of course it is – but it does have other obligations as well.Not, as has been in the past, a matter of getting business opportunities for more corporate acquisitions where ever they arise – nominally not in the US.

The perfect scenario for Libertarians is to have back the days of doff forelock, allow your boss to screw your wife and thank him for it and picking cotton for free.

I can’t understand why Obama is crossing the party aisle – that is fine if the Republicans were up for cooperation, but as has been proven in the past, they are not – it is their way or no way.

IF the package is to pass then Obama has to show some hard ball and get it through – with the help of his fellow Democrats in Congress.

The simple tax-cutting process has proven it does not work! And Obama has to get that through, whether with the help of the MSM or not – the AMERICAN PEOPLE voted for him, they should call the shots, not the media. And if that means that some of the media has to be broken up through legislation to make them more independent than they are now running along a Republican party line then so be it.

I am sure that the American people would welcome a return to a real freedom of the press and not a corporate run media.

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0 Responses to I'm confused: Republicans are still running the show…

  1. ReyMac says:

    He got off message. He’ll get back. And there were some “blue dog democrats” claiming that off the record, he told them to oppose the package in its current form. Over on Submitted to a Candid World, they asked if he was an evil genius for putting Gregg in at Commerce, and twisting the Senate seat count while being bipartisan. I’d say that him letting them all vent, and then getting the bill he wants is in the same vein . . . it’s a level of manipulation not usually attributed to the President, but it speaks of a Machiavellian streak the length of the Nile and a mile wide. And the Republicans are too now-focused on the microphones to see what’s going on . . .

  2. thebeadden says:

    I wasn’t sure about how I felt about tax cuts before now. I think you are right. They won’t do anything for the economy. Not in the long term, that is for sure.

    But I do think politicians in North America are failing us in getting more manufacturing plants here.
    If (in my little utopia world) we were able to be a little protectionist and try to buy products made in North America and avoid others who chose to close up shop and move somewhere they could hire cheap labor with no unions, benefits or rights. If we didn’t buy from those companies, they might think twice about leaving and we might also have some come back.
    If they want us to support them, employ North Americans.

    Can you believe I didn’t just say Canada and the States but North America?

    Great post, once again.

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