Have the British been tick-boxed into passive, paranoid automatons?

Posted By: Will Rhodes

Here is an excellent Guardian story/blog post. Bring home a lot of what people have thought for a long time – me included.

Going on from Jenni’s post – although she is correct, it is a matter that civil servants and the insurance industry have pounded the British spirit into something that is not recognisable as being a part of that country today.

You can, when wading through the straw to find the needle, find that at each turn of political correctness – and its total madness, it is box-tickers who have brought the country to all this.

Someone, somewhere, in a local council office thinks that something could be dangerous so then it is either banned or the insurance for it proves to be too expensive. You cannot do anything without the council’s say so – be it a family bonfire to flying your national flag. Someone will get upset about it so it can’t be done.

Box-tickers are political correct nerds, it is as simple as that.

This started 30 years ago – with the deregulation of so many things in the belief that it would end all ills – it has proven to be wrong, way wrong.

I know that I do blame Thatcher for a lot that has happened in the last 30 years – and I feel rightly so. If it wasn’t for her idiotic policies Britain would not be like it is today. But what is worse is that in 1997 people thought those days were over with the election of Blair – again, that didn’t happen – he, and now Brown, made things worse, a lot worse.

I can see why people blame the left for a lot of what has gone wrong – but the policies of Brown are not left-wing – they are Tory policy.

People have lost the feeling of community and they don’t know how to get it back. What you do is just do it, get out and get it back.

That seems simple enough – but what do you do with, as Jenni mentioned, with schools? How do you get motivated teachers back? That is a matter of getting the right leaders in place and repealing idiotic, tabloid driven laws.

The next government in the UK should spend at least a full year doing nothing but repeal said laws, let the country run as it should be and bring about some common-sense once more. Not one law should be put in place where it criminalises anyone, and when the scrutiny starts with new legislation it should have its own 30 year rule “What will be the consequence of this law in 30 years time?”

That, I feel, would be a start to getting Britain back.

Education should be about opening minds not closing them to a perceived threat of going to jail if you do the slightest thing wrong – that in itself makes people more afraid of the police than helping them. In turn that leads to a society that pours scorn on the police because people have been promised that they will do something and there is the fact that the police can’t do shit all about it – there just isn’t enough hours in the day.

If you really love something – set it free, that includes society as a whole, that is where politicians are going wrong.

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