Just how hard is I.T?

Posted by: Will Rhodes

Taking into account the cost of this beast – you would have thought that someone would have gotten it right. But that said, you have to think how big the ID card system is going to be – and the collection of all email, phone calls, texts, mobile phone conversations, plus all the EU police records “stuff”.

The Committee on Public Accounts has thrown fresh doubt on a 2015 deadline for the ambitious project.

Its chairman said that even in trusts already using parts of system, staff were unimpressed and the cost to the NHS was uncertain.

The NHS Programme for IT in England, which aims to allow information about patients to be shared securely between hospitals and GP practices, has been dogged by problems since its launch in 2002.

The project was originally intended to be completed by next year, but its complexity has delayed this by up to five years.

Two out of the four companies producing the system for the NHS have pulled out, and some hospitals have been forced to bring in their own new “interim” electronic software to replace existing ageing systems which could not keep pace with policy innovations such as “Choose and Book”, and 18-week targets.

Edward Leigh MP, the committee’s chairman, said that the risks to the successful deployment of the system were “as serious as ever”.

While some systems were in place, he said, the “Care Records System” – at the heart of the project – was “way of the pace”.

“Even the revised completion date of 2014-2015 for these systems now looks doubtful in the light of the termination last year of Fujitsu’s contract covering the South.”

I can see how much this is costing the UK now – but to delay the IT for another five years? What will be the cost over-run on that thing? Let alone all the other snooping databases that the UK government want.

Complete madness – and complex.

Not only on that point – but there is always the fact that new governments will be coming into power – when they do they will tweak this, tweak that – and then the whole thing comes tumbling down – again!

Good use of the tax payers money that, what is a few hundred million out of the NHS that should go to patient care, eh?

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