Huh!? But they can spend billions on bailing out banks?

Posted by: Will Rhodes

Frigging odd that!

“Some MPs are clearly desperate to prevent the release of past expenses claims which are likely to have exceeded what could reasonably be justified to the public,” said Maurice Frankel, from the Campaign for Freedom of Information.

The Scottish Parliament already publishes details of its members’ claims, including receipts, on the internet.

But UK ministers have expressed concerns about the cost of doing this.

MP’s expenses have been the subject of controversy since it emerged last year that Conservative MP Derek Conway had paid his son, a student, more than £40,000 to act as a researcher when an inquiry found he had done no work.

How can ministers make the claim that their expenses should be secret when they agree that the tax payer must stop the banks from failing?

If MPs make payments to families which are fraudulent – let them suffer the same fate as the ordinary citizen.

Not that hard is it?

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0 Responses to Huh!? But they can spend billions on bailing out banks?

  1. eksith says:

    I’m probably going to regret saying this…
    But if a bank is about to fail, then let it fail. Of course, I’m over simplifying a bit, but bailing out banks is a very poor choice of spending public money.

    There’s a reason why ceratin mountain passes don’t have guard rails. It forces the driver to be more careful. If the bank wasn’t careful with its lending practices, then it was doomed to fail.

    If failure of managment is rewarded with a bailout, this will never end. We’ll have a never ending stream of outstretched hands.

    That money is better spent improving public services like hospitals and police forces.

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