A timely intervention and I applaud them!

Posted by: Will Rhodes

People are, ever so slowly, becoming aware of the erosion of civil liberties in the UK. I have, for quite a while, been watching that erosion but I did question myself. I did that on the basis that it was the UK government – they wouldn’t do such things, they could be trusted. They could be bloody stupid at times, incompetent even – for so long people in the UK would just roll their eyes and say “Nothing new there then” then get on with their lives. It was expected that the government wasn’t quite up to scratch on things like technology and the way to use it properly.

Then, the debarcle that was the ID card scheme began to take hold – and I re-looked at what was going on. For a few weeks I have been posting about this subject.

Now, with the help of other, including The Guardian, Modern Liberty is about to get into full flow. It is now time to say to the government, this one and ones to follow – that even though the British people give you a long rope to hang yourselves with, and that you do give comedians great material to work with – people are now standing up to be counted.

The erosion of civil liberties in the UK has to stop! More than that those that have been adjusted downward have to be put back into place.

Civil liberties – for the first time in an age can be made an election issue. I hope that you can get involved and bring it to the fore of political debate and let the Labour government know that the people have now had enough.

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