Nope – they never learn!

Posted by: Will Rhodes

Giggle, giggle, toil and trouble.

“My blog!”

“No – MY Blog!”


“Mine, mine, mine!”

It is sounding like the seagulls on Disney’s Finding Nemo!

With the beginning of Obama’s first term as president – the idiots at Labour HQ are now rushing to set up there own online community – I think that should be plural – because they cannot decide on which one to follow, I think – although I could be wrong that the Obama campaign did it all inside one place. And certainly didn’t reuse old Labour sites – but as Labour want (giggling) to save money – the couple of hundred quid it will cost is a start, eh?

Derek Draper has his LabourList and his followers who are advocating using that site/blog. Ed Miliband has revamped an old one.

Oh – and by the way – I did, in effect, get banned from LabourList – they just won’t publish my comments any more, odd that, eh? Independent and open discussion!


You can see it at Labour Party HQ “Ooooooooooooooooooooom Obama, Ooooooooooooooooooooom Obama” I wonder who they have commissioned to do the Gordy Brown poster – will there be a target for the darts?

Christ – even the Tories have a site where all is encompassed. Though they don’t like it any more I think – not enough hits and their base doesn’t know how to switch a computer on.

So as they run in circles and eventually end up climbing up their own arses – we can sit back and watch the gaggle pontificating on which is which and who is best – what-ho!

School children!

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0 Responses to Nope – they never learn!

  1. eksith says:

    You know you’ve been well aquainted with the author when you see this line :

    “the idiots at Labour HQ…”

    And know exactly what will be in the rest of the post . 😉

    I hope these guys realise there’s a lot more to building a community (online or otherwise) than just an idea and eyecandy. They might have been able to get by with just those a decade ago, but we’re living in a time when even grandma has seen everything.

    But judging by the fragmentation, I’d say they still haven’t “got it” yet. It ain’t a “community” when everyone is in a seperate world.

    They would be working very hard indeed to pull this off.

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