The Middle-Class

Posted by: Will Rhodes

If there is one hyphenated word that makes me cringe, middle-class would be it.

As I have lived in various countries in the world there are, believe it or not, differing meanings to the word.

Take, for example, the US – the middle-class was spoken a lot about during the last presidential election.

Those ‘middle-class’ were seen as people who worked for a living and brought in a living, worked hard – or just about a living wage. In the UK, those people would be seen as working-class.

Is it a matter that the US citizens just don’t want to be known as working-class?

Is that a matter of social engineering on a very small scale?

In the UK, The Middle-Class are seen differently – but in the UK class system, which is still very much alive and well, living in the hearts and minds of those who, still, believe in the class system; e.g. The Middle-class – you just don’t have The Middle-Class.

You have:

The under-class (Those who are seen as on welfare for an extended period of time, or for life)

The Lower-Working-Class (That would be your cleaners and burger flippers)

The Working-Class (Those who work in factories or in manufacturing)

The Upper-Working Class (The transnational Class that isn’t Lower Middle-Class)

The Lower Middle-Class (These are the one almost Middle-Class but not quite, the junior bank teller type)

The Middle-Class (From bank tellers, to bank assistant managers, Nurses, Police, etc)

The Upper Middle-Class (Bank Managers, those in the financial sector, Business owners, Lawyers, Judges)

The Upper-Class (This is a different class structure all on its own – but you can call this the ruling class, for want of a better term)

So, as Harriet Harmon wants the UK to become a level playing field, making all into the Middle-Class, how is she – and her flawed government going to do it? You see, in the article linked – Nick Cohen asks if the Middle-Class are scared of the Working-Class and I don’t know why.

The Working-Class has no fear of the Middle-Classes other than they really, really don’t like them. The Middle-Class are the archetypal Smith and Jones’ – they really do have to out-do each other, and that is accepted, and they do want to be upwardly mobile, from what I see the working-class have no desire to get into that kind of malarkey. Some may want to move up a class, but it will not be accepted until a new generation is born and they will readily be accepted as Middle-Class.

The Labour party has lost its way for one simple reason – they are all, now, Middle-Class. That is why they have no idea what a working-class person wants – and they want to be that same, upwardly mobile person themselves.

The Labour party should begin to look upward – see where the working-class really is.

I always find it odd – a working-class guy can speak to one of the upper-class with consummate ease, because neither feel threatened by each other. Watching a Middle-Class(er) doing the same in down-right hilarious. They want to be the upper-class and will brown nose until the end of time.

By the way – I am, and very proud of it, being Working-Class that is.

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0 Responses to The Middle-Class

  1. thebeadden says:

    Working Class and proud of it along with you, Will.
    I also like the upper-class and wish them well, they are my bread and butter! 😉

    I find it hard to believe that some put the blame on unions and middle class. The comments at the article you linked to were interesting views.

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