When you watch the death of a democracy…

Posted by: Will Rhodes

It hurts, it really, really hurts!

Why does it hurt so much?

Well, I remember the funny stories my father used to tell me about ‘When I was in the war, son!” – he fought, like so many, against the German Nazi machine – he never called himself anything special, just a soldier doing his job.

Millions died in those six years and after they returned home you saw that they wanted a change – they elected a Labour government that would bring about a social change that many feel have always been there.

And now you have a so-called Labour government slow, every so slowly eroding the very fabric that is democracy in Britain.

In reviving plans to make inquests secret, Jack Straw proves yet again that he is one of the chief enemies of our free society.

Last year the proposal was dumped by Jacqui Smith because of the huge opposition to the idea that ministers could order press, relatives and the public from controversial hearings in a coroner’s court on the grounds that information is too sensitive for public consumption.

I cannot put my finger on the time when this government lost its way – was it back in 1997 when they were first elected? There was so much hope then that Labour would make a difference – they haven’t, they have made things worse – worse than Thatcher – yes, I do think that they have. She was the original architect of the Neo-Liberal revolution in the UK, but even she did not believe that this would be its outcome, or I think not.

If Jacqui Smith can drop this idea – then so can Straw – he won’t, he was so disappointed last time when Smith did you knew that he was going to bring it back to the fore.

Will the public do or say anything about this? I doubt that, too.

Will we Liberals keep up telling people about how important civil liberties are? Most certainly!

We will until the ordinary Joe ‘gets it’ – until they understand what they are losing right before their eyes. And that is the very democracy that makes Britain a great country – the general election cannot come soon enough for me – and many, many more.

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0 Responses to When you watch the death of a democracy…

  1. UK Voter says:

    Jack Straw has always been an enemy of the people of this country. Whilst he is an intelligent man, he was the one for example, that fought a campaign against more transparency in relation to MP’s expenses. He more than anyone in cabinet has been completely taken in my the trappings of office and appears to believe that MP’s in general and he in particular is a cut above the rest of us.

    It is a disease and we are all paying the price as our liberties and freedom is removed day by day. Like you, I can’t wait for a general election so we can boot this lot out, but are the rest any better, I cannot see any of them offering to protect our liberty or freedom and that is very, very worrying. Perhaps we could do with a few Libertarians putting themselves forward, whilst they cannot expect to get significant gains, we could end up with aone or two voices of the people!

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