When freedom of information isn't really freedom of information

Posted by: Will Rhodes

When a government can collect all your information, especially about your private phone calls, email, internet use – and just about everything else, it does seem a little hypocritical that they can keep almost everything about themselves secret. Even more so when it is about how much they are claiming in expenses.

The fact that it is the British people who are paying them, not indirectly, but directly through taxes – they say that even though a law suit in court has been lost and that they should readily allow expenses to be asked for and released – they are not.

Ministers faced condemnation last night after announcing plans to block publication of a bill-by-bill breakdown of MPs’ expenses.

MPs will vote next week on an order that would prevent up to one million pages of receipts being released, despite having last year lost a long-running freedom of information battle.

We will have to wait to see if there is a rebellion from the Labour back benches – I can’t see it myself – but you never know, Labour MPs may find a conscience.

I am presuming, albeit probably unwisely, that the Tories will vote against along with the LibDems.

I have more faith in the LibDems doing so, but not quite the Tories – that shower of shit know that they have a good chance of getting into government next time – so they will look for self interest.

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0 Responses to When freedom of information isn't really freedom of information

  1. Tanveer says:

    Hi Will,

    While I can’t really comment on British politics, I agree with you that many Western countries seem to be inflicted with a societal resignation that we’ll ever experience good governance. And sadly, I think many politicians are attempting to take advantage of it for a short-term political gain. I just hope that if a sufficient amount of attention is drawn to these measures, the collective social conscious will re-awaken and realize enough is enough.

  2. Tanveer says:

    I was referring to any specifics regarding current British policy-making and the various players involved. Human politics, on the other hand, know no boundaries, if not being relatively unchanged since humans started living in groups.

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