A political twang much like The Huffington post?

Posted by: Will Rhodes

Well, I’ll be damned!

A cross between The Huffington post and (?)

This is the object of The LabourList.org – not that you would think that at first look – but yep, that is what the Guardian is saying. Cool, eh?

But what is it that Derek Draper really wants from his new baby – after all he has said that he is new to the blogosphere and doesn’t really get it – just yet.

Well – he has said that he wants to make that site for 60 million people and not just 60 bloggers – we have to commend him for that. The more people get involved the better.

But there is a downside to that number – as I have said to Derek himself. 60 million is a lot of people, and if you want that then you have to take the hits and bruises that does go a long with that number, and that you have to realise that there is a majority against a UK government as there is for it – that is just the system used in the UK.

PR would be better but neither Labour or the Tories have the balls for that one.

Draper rejected Monday’s comments by Iain Dale that Draper wouldn’t be able to run the blog properly just three days each week because he’d need to “breathe it morning, noon and night”.

“He doesn’t get it,” said Draper. “I’m not the sole contributor like he is, so even if I decide to lie in a hammock for a day there will still be five posts a day on the site and hundreds of comments.”

Draper says the “received wisdom” about opposition being stronger in the blogosphere is wrong. “Look at LabourList or look at Kevin Maguire in the Mirror – there’s no problem attacking the opposition. We need a tonic to the Tory ideas and values of greed and short-termism – those are all valid targets. The idea that the progressive left has nothing to rail against is just wrong.”

But Derek – he is right – it isn’t just about contributing, that is the easy part! You have other admin that will moderate comments – but your name is on the baby – and as that is the case then it will be you who is called the twat if someone’s comment gets rejected. I do like the idea of the ‘Trash’ being able to be seen – when I log in I always click that so I can see what the admin has deemed ‘trash’ – and FFS Derek, use another word! ‘Trash’ is just trashy!

You will notice that this Labour government is just as short-termism and like that greed part. See the previous post! Expenses or greed – you decide, because the voters can’t because they can’t see what Ministers are claiming!

He [Derek Draper] insisted that LabourList has editorial independence from the Labour party, and that the project is not about “command and control” – even with the inventors of command and control, Peter Mandelson, Philip Gould and Alastair Campbell, getting involved in the site. The mantra now is “embrace and engage”.

Now I did giggle at that one, Mandy, Campbell and Gould!? Are you serious?

If editorial independence means towing the party line – well, I will have to agree.

But – as Derek said on the Guardian piece:

everyone – WE ARE A BETA site, give us some time for goodness sakes

i am new to the blogoshere is it always so parochial / negative?

Time will be given, guaranteed!

Negative? I call it being realistic – or is that out of context?

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