And, of course, it gets even better!

Post Author: Will Rhodes

Huckabee batters the blog hater…

Now, let me start this one off with that fact, I like Mike Huckabee – I detest his religious views and his politics – but him as a person, he is an OK guy.

He went up in my estimations:

“Now I must say I did not think that either the Charlie Gibson interview or the Katie Couric interviews were unfair,” Huckabee said. “In fact, if anything, Katie Couric was extraordinarily gentle, even helpful. [Palin] just … I don’t know what happened. I can’t explain it. It was not a good interview. I’m being charitable.”

I would still like to see Palin interviewed by Jeremy Paxman – that would open a lot of eyes – and it would make Palin cry, which is a good thing.

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0 Responses to And, of course, it gets even better!

  1. Yeah, he is one of those almost maddeningly likeable right wing nut-jobs….Actually I was just talking to somebody today about how funny McCain is when he goes on talk shows. Gotta admit, I’d rather have a beer with those guys than John Kerry or Hilary Clinton.

    Anyway, Huckabee can also be remarkably fair minded, at times, as he also defended Reverend Wright when that controversy hit, pointing out that African Americans have had a lot of reasons not to love America…though I believe he later beat the Obama’s-preacher-hates-America drum with the rest of the Republican mob…..

  2. lunawolf says:

    I hate his religious views and his politics, but I can enjoy his presence in the media, if only for Chuck Norris

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