Why David Cameron is an idiot!

and come to think of it so is the other bunch!

Now, to you and me, five billion quid is one hell of a lot of money – but to a country like the UK it isn’t – well not really. In the grand scheme of things it is neither here nor there. But to rely on people looking at massive figure and then to quantify them is absurd!

Mr Cameron said he would increase government spending from £620bn this year to £645bn next year – rather than the £650bn proposed by ministers.

All worth the type on an online newspaper. What Cameron, Brown fail to see is that people are not stupid! It really is the case. OK – people hate paying taxes, they really do – but they also know that if they don’t pay taxes they don’t get things like the NHS and their bins emptied. Of course there are some who would prefer to go private for their medical needs and take their own rubbish to the local land-fill – but, of course, there is a cost involved in both of those – that isn’t the point of this post.

What is, is that people do not believe that central government can reduce taxes like Cameron, and to a lesser degree, Brown say they can. Because – as things are – each government administration will have to keep taxes bouncing around where they are now, shifting the tax burden to one group or another – funnily enough that has always been the case.

People, the voters, the general public know that – they are not mystified by it – but what Cameron and Brown fail to see is that – just like you want a set of alloys thrown in on your car purchase, you want to see where you money is going. You want something for it. You DON’T want a reduced service while paying more for it – that is what they fail to see. You can bombard the public with spin and lies all you want, but in the end you must, must see, because it is blindingly obvious that people are pissed off at paying thousands of pounds a year for what they see as no return on the money paid in.

So, David Cameron is saying that he will “save” the tax payer 5 billion quid. Nice of him – because that still means a rise of twenty five billion to stay the same. Erm…and what for?

That raise HAS to come from somewhere – so where is it coming from?

For the government, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Yvette Cooper said: “David Cameron still can’t tell people what he would cut during a recession.

“His proposals are economic madness – cutting training budgets, housing and transport investment plans and help for people to get jobs just at a time when they need it most.

“He wants to cut £5bn in just three months’ time but all he can point to is ID cards and the advertising budget – but he has already committed to spending that money before.”

Well – the idiotic twelve billion on a flawed ID system would be a start. Reducing the amount of money flowing into top-heavy local councils would be another, telling them to slash the salaries of the greedy chief execs of those councils. The same can be said for the bureaucracy in both local government and central government, with a stipulation that you start from the top down.

I can say that this will not only bring you an awful lot of thanks – but an awful lot of votes – and do take this from a person who knows very little indeed about economics.

The man and woman on the street want police on the beat and nurses in the wards – not some pen-pusher telling them they cannot get an appointment or that the limited bobbies are a bit too busy (filling in forms). It really isn’t that hard!

If, like Yvette Cooper asks what you are going to do, say it – but I must admit I don’t really want David Cameron to commit to anything I have said, I really don’t – because I don’t want him or Brown in power any more. I, like so many people, want to see our money going to benefit all of us with accountability thrown in, that is your alloy wheels. We want to see that the tax paid is used on things of value to us.

We want government to be accountable to us – not business and unions.

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