The Labour Party and their new – "e-network"

Like, WTF!

I went over to this place and registered. Now me being me I just thought I would add a comment:

I came I looked I registered – what I cannot understand is why you think you have such comments? The ‘Labour’ Party is the party of government – obvious I know. What is just as obvious is that people want to interact with government as much as possible – which is a good thing, no? If this little experiment gets off the ground all well and good to you – but what you must understand – which some don’t, see Andy Burnham, the internet is a place where people will have their say – whether the government likes it or not. You may find that if one thing that the supposed ‘trolls’ says hit a chord and that makes one government minister act upon it then that is good, no? On my blog I don’t moderate at all – but I do delete offensive comments and the odd spam that gets through. That will, of course, mean that someone actually doing the reading of the responses and taking in what people have said – and if you can get it right you have the chance of a great blog – rather than just a talking shop of those who don’t need any more input other than “This is the Labour candidate – X right there” on the ballot. If I could just make a little suggestion – I am living in Canada and I had to use my old post code; and as Britain is leeching people left, right and centre ex-pats who can still vote would like to have our say, too. You may want to make the comment box a bit deeper, too, this little piddly thing is neither use nor ornament. Yours A former Labour member who detests Tories and will be voting LibDem come this years general election.

Now, I am all for open government – getting it on with the people etc, is cool in my eyes.

As you can see, they have a few glitches at the moment – for one; that post I made didn’t look like that in the comment box, I think they could work on that. The comment box is way too TINY, but we can let them off that for now.

What gets me is that I was put automatically into the trash box! I mean – ME!? It seems that the other commenter’s were correct in once slight sense; that if you are not a kiss arse you are going in that box – should I add a comment that I love everything that is Labour and see if that gets trashed, too?


I won’t bother – I can’t see me getting a comment from Mandy or any of the other spoofs – but you never know.

Please feel free to go read it – if you are outside the UK and you want to register you will need a post code from the UK, you can get one of those from the post office website, or Google ‘British post codes’.

I don’t see why they didn’t just get a template or just make a blog up on Maybe they just didn’t trust an outside company to do it for them? Odd that, they like that for everything else.

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0 Responses to The Labour Party and their new – "e-network"

  1. Julie P says:

    Now really, Will, do you think they want to hear the truth?

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