A bad habit

109aCannibalism is a bad thing. Period. While I am a meat eater, I eat the meat of different animal species – not my own. I wish that the Democratic Party would follow my eating habits. It seems that with every electoral victory, Democratic elected officials begin carping about what Democratic elected officials are doing wrong.

Barack Obama won a historic election in November. Since then he has been working on appointing a team of leaders to help guide the United States and the world back on to firmer economic, political and social footing. But the Democratic Leadership seems intent on nitpicking him like they are field marshals for the Republican Party! They are literally trying to eat their own. He’s not even President yet, and with the current President working as hard as he can to make things difficult, President-elect Obama has to deal with the Democrats, too?

Here’s the list of cannibals:

Senator Harry Reid – “I don’t work for President Elect Obama, I work with him”

Senators Diane Feinstein and John D. Rockefeller – “Leon Panetta isn’t qualified.”

Representative John Conyers – “Obama should not nominate Sanjay Gupta.”

Senators John Kerry and Kent Conrad – “I’m not that excited about [Obama’s] tax proposals”

And these are just the quotes from this week! This bending over backwards to prove to Republicans how non-partisan and equally critical of their own that Democrats continue to do is ridiculous! Where was all this backbone from Reid and Feinstein on the invasion of Iraq? On FISA? During the Bush Administration? Don’t try to stand up straight and earn your bona fides by feasting on the decisions made by the Leader of the Democratic Party and the next President of the United States!You should have stood up during the last eight years! That would have been nice.

Next time they get hungry for someone to feast on, they should remember the Alaskan nightmare is never far away, or the reality of the situation could be much, much worse.

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Cross posted at Spreading the Word on January 8, 2009

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0 Responses to A bad habit

  1. Mike Kalkwarf says:

    But…democrats are the other white meat!

    I don’t have a problem with these folks speaking up. I’d rather have the noise and distraction of differing opinions than blind obedience. Also, It could be that these democrats were always speaking and it’s just now they are being heard.

  2. leapsecond says:

    You have a point there, Will. At first, I disagreed with you, but yeah, I wish the Dems actually stood up to the Republican Party like they do to their own kind. I still think it’s fine for members within the party to disagree with one another. It’s just healthy political discourse.

  3. leapsecond says:

    Er, what happens when I don’t read who wrote the article? I get it wrong. My apologies, Rey.

  4. Topher says:

    While we agree that Reid et. al. were a sorry disappointment when it came to FISA, the Iraq war, and countless other acts of being W.’s lap dog, I disagree that Democrats disagreeing with an criticizing other Democrats constitutes “cannibalism”. That accusation smacks of the slavish obedience to party line that has caused the hollowing-out of what virtues the Republican party did have.

  5. ReyMac says:

    It’s not slavish obedience I’m looking for . . . it’s a louder opposition when there’s something real to oppose. Panetta? Feinstein’s ego was bruised because she wants to be the big dog on intelligence. Reid? He’s still excavating the cave that he’s digging to let Burris be seated. Conyers? Really, he’s got an opinion on Gupta now?
    All of the democrats mentioned are spouting off before the inauguration with bushlit they could be saying in the actual confirmation hearings. Why air their “concerns” in the media? That’s the cannibalism.

  6. museditions says:

    I agree with this point of view. I think now is the time to rally ’round, and give the new admin. a chance. Give advice to the P-e, but all these public criticisms don’t help.
    Re: leap’s comment…erm, I may be mite dense, but I don’t see where the post author is displayed?!? I’m confused. 😦

  7. Will Rhodes says:

    No need to be confused, Muse – I changed the theme because related posts were not/are not showing up and I have been in touch with support – I didn’t know if it was the theme I was using that stopped related posts etc.

    I think it is just a matter there is a glitch in the system with sphere/wordpress. Seems that others, but not all are having this problem, Sooo – with this theme the post author doesn’t show up so look for another change in the next few hours – all credit should go to the post author – and thanks for pointing that out because I missed it! 🙂

  8. ellaella says:

    It’s a perfect example why we liberal-minded Americans so often lose elections. We are expert at being our own worst enemy.

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