Jane Czyzselska needs to watch TMZ!

I will admit in this first sentence – I have watched TMZ.

I know that is bad and means that you should probably not read the rest of this post – but this post isn’t about TMZ – it’s about lesbians!

Not the everyday lesbians that you meet – the one who lives a quiet life, just wanting to get out of this life the best that they can, just like the rest of us. But celebrity lesbians – whether they are lesbians or not, well one of them, is still up for debate – or it is a matter that one became a lesbian because she wanted, and got, the publicity.

The programme, The Most Annoying People of 2008, featured the actor Lindsay Lohan and her partner, Sam Ronson, at number 43.

Jane Czyzselska calls on the BBC to apologise to all lesbians because Lindsay was picked as one of a duo who were annoying! Well guess what – they were, as annoying as a tooth about to be pulled because of infected puss!

Lindsay is a good looking woman – as we would say in our youth, ‘Well fit!’ She gave me a new appreciation of redheads; I can tell you – so, why should the BBC apologise?

Joining Vladimir Putin and his judo DVD and Des O’Connor, the list was meant to be lighthearted, but the BBC didn’t offer a convincing reason to justify their inclusion in the show, aside from the shame that some men feel because lesbian Ronson bagged herself the “former man-eater” Lohan

Have you seen Lindsay on a barnstorming brouhaha? She goes off it like a tornado – and her insistence at flipping the finger to the paparazzi, well, what do you expect?

Now this is the part where you can call me dumb, because I watched a certain episode of TMZ only to find that it was the ‘stars’ agent, or some other lackey who phoned the press, to tell them that the celeb would be at point A and travelling to point B – and will be inebriated or in some such state – just to keep them in the public eye, and any news is good news I suppose. Even if it brings bad publicity.

I used to hate the paparazzi before that – like I said, call me dumb because it is so obvious.

Jane ought to watch some of that crap on TV – then she would be up to speed on why Lindsay and her girlfriend are seen as so annoying.

But I think that programming would be beneath her – not like listening/watching a BBC 3 program now is it?

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