A new low . . . and that's saying something


i lied.  again.

i lied. again.

Insecurity is a sad personality trait for anyone to possess.  As a teacher, I am often forced to confront the residue of lies told to children by well-intentioned adults, who fail to challenge kids because they simply want to make them feel better, rather than actually challenging them and helping them to meet those challenges, thereby alleviating those insecurities by allowing a child to succeed in a task that is while difficult, also manageable.  The results of these lied-to children are often adults, like our forty-third president, who meander through life without true purpose, seeking to shore up those insecurities by creating false demons and imagining that they’ve defeated the giants when they’re actually tilting windmills.

The other problem with these adults, who are still insecure, but on a grander scale because the resulting detritus of their life reflects the lack of determination, purpose, application and success which results when you don’t have the courage to fail so you allow others to make decisions and then take credit when they are successful and have plausible deniability when they aren’t, is that they are truly spiteful, jealous and petty when they find themselves in proximity of secure people, who are succeeding on their merits, and who, in short, believe in themselves.

president bush lied about Blair House being occupied when President-elect Obama asked if he and his family could move in early so that his daughters could start their new school before their daddy started his new job.  President Bush (through his Chief of Protocol) claimed that Blair House was going to be in use.  His petty machinations of forcing the next First Family to live in a (very nice) hotel for two weeks simply because he could, and for no other reason, are a new low for the worst president in United States’ history.  This is a smooth transition?

And when I was cheeky enough, in this and other blogs, to ask if the Obamas were being snubbed because they were black, I was called a “hate-minded bigot.”  I was also told that the President was just doing it because “Obama is a Democrat.”  But I was working under the assumption that there were actually residents of Blair House scheduled, that there were actually activities planned that the president just wouldn’t move.

The truth is worse.

Blair House is vacant.

Of 119 rooms, only one is being used.  For one night.  By a former Australian prime minister that president bush invited so that someone would be staying there to give truth to his lie.

president bush just didn’t want the darkies to stay there.  he’s upset that the new negro-in-chief is more popular, more accomplished, more capable . . . simply more than he is.

He’s just an insecure arse, and this was how he could raise his middle finger to Barack Obama.  Fourteen days and counting.  A new village in Texas will get an idiot.

Blair House Not Booked

Obama to tap new position, meet with predecessors

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0 Responses to A new low . . . and that's saying something

  1. PiedType says:

    This whole Blair House incident makes me want to start throwing a few shoes of my own or, much more satisfying, just leap over the lectern and personally throttle this most embarrassing of all Americans. Blair House has always been offered to the president-elect and that period of time can and likely is blocked out months or years in advance of our elections. George Bush is a pathetic, petty little excuse for a man.

  2. ReyMac says:

    Pretty much my thoughts . . .

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