Am I the only Liberal blogger who supports Israel?

I may not be – but from what I read it seems so.

This report on CNN says: Hamas won’t stop rocket attacks on Israel.

OK – if that is the case – do they think that Israel will comply with any political pressure to stop the incursion into Gaza?

This question is asked on the BBC’s World Have Your Say blog: On- air: Does there come a point when Israel loses it’s right to defend itself ?

I said there as I do here:

Does there come a point when Israel loses it’s right to defend itself ?

No – and I believe that of any nation regardless.

The essence is this, Hamas has sent rockets into Israel to kill civilians – if they had targeted military outposts would I think differently, probably – but they aren’t. No civilised nation would allow their population to be bombed from their neighbour – I would hope not. I cannot understand the mindset of Hamas – Israel has been recognised by a multitude of nations, even some Arab ones. You can only negotiate from the point you are at now – not 1948. And that is where it must begin – both sides have to put the bullets and bombs down – that is the first step, after the secret one that is going on under the radar – yet civilians are dying.

I have read many of my fellow liberals blogs, and most state that Israel have to stop – I am of the opinion that Hamas has to stop!

And, although I am surprised I am saying this – I agree with the point that Hamas could have used the cease-fire to ’smuggle’ medicine and petrol, supplies into Gaza and chose not to, rather more powerful rockets that could travel further – that shows the real intention of Hamas, not political bull that they keep spouting.

If Hamas insists on firing rockets into Israel and killing Israeli citizens then what the hell do they expect?

If Hamas insist on bringing in rockets instead of food and water plus medicine – what the hell do they expect Israel to do – just allow them to keep firing them off and ignore it?

Hamas must now make the first move to stop this carnage – and that is by stopping the rocket firing – get around a negotiating table and come to an agreement where all can live in peace.

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0 Responses to Am I the only Liberal blogger who supports Israel?

  1. ReyMac says:

    You may be, Will. I have always agreed with the “self-defense” argument, but there also comes a point . . . a ground invasion? I think that for a country built because of attempted genocide, committing one in the name of self-defense is sickeningly ironic and wrong.
    I know Hamas is wrong, too, but . . . when is self-defense literally overkill?

  2. eksith says:

    Forgive the my bluntness, but what Israel is doing to Hamas is no different than what the U.S. is doing in Afganistan.

    I won’t bring Iraq into this, as that’s clearly an execution of force beyond the scope of the 2001 attacks.

    Either we all agree that the U.S. needed to respond to the 2001 attacks by fighting against Al Qaeda and, by the same token, Israel is justified in defending itself against Hamas, or we universally denounce retaliation in all forms by all nations.

    One cannot hold double standards here as saying one response is within reason and another is without in the same circumstances is hypocrisy.

    This has nothing to do with “Liberal” or “Conservative” stances, but common sense.

  3. thebeadden says:

    Do you know why they are fighting?

  4. thebeadden says:

    Just wondering….

  5. eksith says:

    It’s a long story going back at least a millenium.

    Basically, Hamas sees non-Muslim Israelis, and Jews in particular, as “occupiers” (or “invaders”, depending on who is being quoted) and have been trying everything to drive them out.

    This is a common sentiment shared by many other Arab nations, however most have kept to themselves since the war of 1967, also called the “Six Day War”. Israel basically sent Syria, Egypt, and Jordan along with a myriad of other Arab troops (volunteers from neighbouring countries) running with their tails between their legs.

    In the process Israel also happened to gain a significant territorial gain, though some of it has been returned. Adding insult to injury.

    After being thoroughly mopped by a grossly underestimated military (possibly with the aid of several Western nations), the only other recourse available to most Palestinian and other Arab natives in the region to drive Jews out of the land is guerilla warfare. The sum of which include suicide bombing, rocket attacks, sabotage and assasination.

    There are other Arabs who don’t want this just as many Jews, but others want a complete expulsion of them.

    Hamas is just one faction of the fighters who are trying to do just that.

    Jews were once native to these lands before being driven out. Other people filled the vacuum and called it home. After this second Jewish influx Israel was established.

    Many Western nations (the U.S. in particular) were quick to recognise the new state leaving those who arrived after the removal of Jews, bitter and resentful of them and the West.

    Bottom line, it’s a very old war fought for many generations. This is just a continuation.

    Of course, this is all just a heavily abridged summary that will require a few days of explanation to go through the specifics.

  6. eksith says:

    I should add Israel did strike first in 1967 after strong indications that they were about to be attacked.

  7. thebeadden says:

    I know the truth and history of this, eksith. But I do thank you for your explaination. I was asking Will. I was just shocked at his post that was all. And wondered if he knew the true history of this genocide. Many people don’t. And can’t be blamed because the truth has been such a taboo subject.

    But everyone has the right to feel the way they do. And a right to believe what they want.

  8. ReyMac says:

    I have to take a bit of exception to your analogy. World Trade Center = 80 bombs in Southern Israel? Self-defense is a matter of scale and scope. Hamas doesn’t have the capability to equal the attack on the Towers, which is why Israel’s response is so over the top.

  9. eksith says:

    ReyMac, take a gander at what Israel has to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

    And that’s just from Hamas.

    Then come back and tell me why Israel shouldn’t be fed up.

  10. eksith says:

    And while we’re at it…

    Al aqsa death toll
    Second intifada death toll

    Palestinian deaths from this is numbering in the 5,200+ while Israelis is at 1000+. All because it was just a “conflict” and not “war”.

    Tell me why Israel shouldn’t end this.

  11. thebeadden says:

    Will, I will get back to this in a bit. I’ve been away for a few days and want to reply when I am a little less tired. Lest I say something that will be taken out of context.

    is another great site with facts to peruse.

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