Big Brother Britain? Try Big Brother Europe!

The Government faces criticism over the erosion of civil liberties on a series of fronts.

Now – what was the second world war fought over – I forget.

I must admit it wasn’t because of computers – it was because of the over-powering attack on people by the Nazi’s and their forceful expansion across Europe – but with a war machine never seen in human history.

Now, we see that the erosion of civil rights across Europe are under threat because of the internet and the lumbering inefficiency that is government. What the EU is now doing is allowing police forces to hack into peoples home computers – this and the tyrant-woman, Jacqui Smith’s ID and storage of all data in the UK, are not seen as an attack on the rights of the person, but a help to stop terrorism and organised crime.

Police have been given the power to hack into personal computers without a court warrant. The Home Office is facing anger and the threat of a legal challenge after granting permission. Ministers are also drawing up plans to allow police across the EU to collect information from computers in Britain.

The moves will fuel claims that the Government is presiding over a steady extension of the “surveillance society” threatening personal privacy.

Why can’t these elected officials see that this is wrong? That is my over riding question – I can see why some actions like this can be enacted by the police and, indeed, the secret services, but this isn’t a matter of going to a judge and getting a warrent to perform such acts – it is that governments across the EU simply extend the powers and hope that they won’t be abused – which we all know they they will.

You can see the Headline in the near future where one political party will have proof that the other party(s) have utilised this for political gain. Whether that will be a party that is and wants laws for the common good or others with a more solicitous intent we won’t know until it happens – and happen it will.

I have no problem with the use of technology helping to fight crime – what I do have a problem with is a ruling elite just handing over so much power! It is a matter that they just are not thinking ahead – and they are utilising the apparent fear within the populace to get it through parliaments quickly and without any real consultation.

Remote searching can be achieved by sending an email containing a virus to a suspect’s computer which then transmits information about email contents and web-browsing habits to a distant surveillance team.

Alternatively, “key-logging” devices can be inserted into a computer that relay details of each key hit by its owner. Detectives can also monitor the contents of a suspect’s computer hard-drive via a wireless network.

Computer hacking has to be approved by a chief constable, who must be satisfied the action is proportionate to the crime being investigated.

Last month European ministers agreed in principle to allow police to carry out remote searches of suspects’ computers across the EU.

Details of the proposal are still being developed by the Home Office and other EU ministries, but critics last night warned it would usher in a vast expansion of police hacking operations.

Once the abyss has been crossed – as once was, don’t these idiots realise that you cannot put the genie back in the bottle!

The oversight needed is there – but governments must allow judges to over see these things within the bounds of the law of both the UK and the EU. This in itself shouts loud that the EU constitution means nothing, it has no powers whatsoever – so why enact it Europe wide?

Shami Chakrabarti, director of the human rights campaign group Liberty, said such a vast expansion of police powers should be regulated by a new Act of Parliament and that police should be forced to apply to a court for a warrant to hack into computers.

She said: “This is no different from breaking down someone’s door, rifling through their paperwork and seizing their computer hard drive.”

I 100% agree – this is tantamount to the police being given the powers to walk into your home and ask what you are doing and then rifling though your cabinets and draws ‘just in case’. Even though we do need the police we do need laws that they cannot break – and this action just gives way too much away from the private citizen.

It is simply wrong!

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0 Responses to Big Brother Britain? Try Big Brother Europe!

  1. eksith says:

    I fear the day when the words “United Kingdom” will be considered an oxymoron (though I’m sure some people already say so today).

    If things keep going in the same direction that’s just were they will end up. There has been violence in persuit of freedom in the past, and it isn’t out of the question today in the same region.

    A tyrannical government is a fine motivator for rebellion. I have no idea what the officials are thinking, but they better switch gears rapidly or there will be dire consequences.

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