Use the back door, please.


_cnnpt1obama1231Why is the first black president of the United States moving his wife and daughters into a hotel two weeks before he is inaugurated?  When I first heard about this story, I tried and tried to understand that it was a conflict of calendars, and that it would be resolved in an acceptable manner.  But the closer we get to inauguration day, the more it incenses me that President Bush couldn’t or wouldn’t move other things around to accommodate the next leader of the free world.

President-elect Obama is being called on by journalists, politicians, this blog and all the people who supported his candidacy and participated in his election to step up and lead our country, since our current leadership is morally bankrupt (Vice President Cheney) and intellectually challenged (President Bush) or intellectually bankrupt and morally challenged (Secretary of State Rice), and hence unable to meet their respective responsibilities both at home and around the world.

arthayadamsonegiWhile I do believe that the appointment of Roland Burris to fill Barack Obama’s Senate seat was racially calculated by an alleged corrupt politician, I don’t think it was racist (though I did make that assessment initially).  And while I don’t think that forcing the President-elect to conduct world affairs around the scheduled continental breakfast at the Hay-Adams, or to have the doorman get him a cab over to see House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, I do have to ask:  if he were visibly Caucasian (because we all know he’s white, too) would he be moving into Blair House this weekend?

Lawsuit seeks to take ‘so help me God’ out of inaugural

Obamas checking in to hotel steeped in D.C. history

Burris won’t be allowed on Senate floor Tuesday

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0 Responses to Use the back door, please.

  1. jonolan says:

    So – judging by this post’s title and content – Obama should be granted special privileges because he’s Black and it would be racist not to accommodate his whims?


  2. jonolan says:

    So you assume that he was turned for for special consideration based on his race? That’s nice.

    No other President has stayed in the Blair house before the week before Inauguration. Why should Obama be granted special favors? Because he’s Black and angry, hateful bigots will complain if he’s denied special – affirmative – privileges. I don’t think so.

    IMHO the correct procedure is to treat Obama like any other President-elect – no better, no worse.

    If you look for racism, you’ll find it because a hate-filled mind will always find reason for offense.

  3. jonolan says:

    If by growth you mean granting non-Whites special privileges based on their race, then better a race war – unto destruction and extermination of one group or another. It doesn’t really matter which.

    Obama deserves nothing more or less than any incoming President. Anyone who believes otherwise is a racist and traitor to all that America stands for.

    I think you place too much importance on the role of this most visible public servant. I also think you’re a white-hating racist, but I’m willing to revise that opinion because blogging is poor way to communicate. 😉

  4. ReyMac says:

    But some of my best friends are white:)
    Whether you like it or not, the roles of the most visible public servant also come with some special privileges. And their denial when the recipient is of a different race has not only precedent, but also the advantage of saying they’re “granting non-Whites special privileges based on their race” instead of realizing that it’s denial of tradition and precedent to non-whites based on their race. But I cast no aspersions on your character simply because I disagree. After all, “a blogging man’s words are a sober man’s mind.”

  5. PiedType says:

    I thought Blair House had always been made available to presidents-elect — until Bush was low-class enough (again) to decide it was too inconvenient for him to rearrange the White House schedule. Race had nothing to do with it (unless someone is reading Bush’s mind).

    Stay tuned; I predict still more Bush-league moves before January 20.

  6. jonolan says:

    Blair House is always made available for the incoming President on Jan 15 – 20th. Obama wanted to move in a couple of weeks early.

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