Oh…dear…Lord – Yes, I do mean the biblical one

Sometimes in your life, you HAVE to believe their is is a heaven…

I think it is a bit obvious that I read a few websites from back home in the UK – and I do wonder what on earth is going on there.

Adults should be able to challenge young people acting in an anti-social way without fear of prosecution, the shadow home secretary has said.

This is about policing in the UK – one of the little darlings can get away with stabbing you because you have reprimanded him/her during the process of them mugging someone. No, seriously!

This is the political correctness bullshit that has taken over the UK, I would have thought that it would have been rejected – but then Tony Blair made things worse – by being elected, why I celebrated that night I have no idea – but it does prove the old “Beware what you wish for”.

For a member of the opposition to ask that police have more discretion, to me, is like – WTF!?

Dominic Grieve has called for a return to “common sense” policing, where officers would stop investigating minor crimes and back up civic-minded people.

He said the Tories would re-write the rules to give officers more discretion when dealing with people who intervene.

In an interview in the Independent, he added he was not promoting vigilantism.

Now, call me old if you so wish – that I don’t have a problem with, but there was a day when I was young and being young I was rather daft/stupid at times. But I can tell you this, I was in the fear of God if my father found out that I had been in ‘trouble’ with the police. He would have gone ballistic!

So what is it today, in the UK – and I would bet a hellofa lot of other countries as well – that makes young people feel they can act like little shits?

We see people like Andy Burnham want to censor the internet so the little tykes can get their rocks of playing Barbie and reading the New Labour manifesto – just about all he would like online, and of course, you cannot chastise a child because they will hurt their feelings. And it is now a matter that the probable next UK government are thinking of re-writing what the police should do when some moron comes into the police station to say Johnny Briggs has burned his shed down. OK – that is arson but you get my meaning.

At the moment, police across the UK advise people not to put themselves at risk if they come across young people acting in an anti-social way or committing a crime.

Instead they are told they should report it to the police.

Well yeah – that is what police are for, no? This is fine until you realise that the police are dealing with some distraught mother who is having an argument with said Mr Briggs for pulling her son out of the burning shed because he thought it would be a bit of fun to see what it is like to be on fire – or in a building that is on fire. Not only that Mr Briggs has actually touched her child and left a red mark on his shoulder. The mother is going to sue by the way.

“There is no doubt – the police say their discretion has been eroded,” he told the paper.

“If somebody comes in to a police station and makes an allegation clearly of the most trivial character they nevertheless have to go through a process of dealing with it which may involve going round and confronting the person against whom the trivial allegation has been made.”

Pea-shooters at dawn!

Yep – political correctness is the way forward – but in my eyes, the way forward to total anarchy!

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