Hmmm, ah – but – who is the government now?

This is why I love the blogosphere!

Tom Watson is an MP, I think – well I am pretty sure he is an MP, a somewhat overpaid one but that is by the by – what this post is about is irony.

Tom made this post in his blog:

Six out of eight of the highest paid local council officials are in Conservative administrations

Dear Tom is having a dig at these councils because he is a part of the current government – which claims, spuriously, that it is a Labour government – we know that isn’t the case, but that is by the by, too. The irony lays in the fact that Tom is making a blog post about the conservatives who are the official opposition in the UK parliament – which means they can do precisely nothing about this situation until they get into power – which looks all the more likely it will be the next general election – what joy.

Now, even though dear Tom has his facts right about conservative execs ripping the shit from everyone’s back bum as they pay their council tax – why doesn’t the current government do something about it?

I mean:

Top local government earners

£240,000* Joe Duckworth, chief executive, Newham (appointed 2008)

£220,000* Andrea Hill, chief executive, Suffolk County Council (appointed 2008)

£213,162 Kim Ryley, chief executive, Kingston upon Hull

£205,000 Derek Myers, town clerk and chief executive, Kensington & Chelsea

£203,000 Nick Johnson, chief executive, Bexley (since retired)

£201,485 Caroline Tapster, chief executive, Hertfordshire

£195,456 Darra Singh, chief executive, Ealing

£195,330 Richard Shaw, chief executive, Surrey

Figures represent complete remuneration figure, including all benefits except figures marked *, which represent basic salary. Most recent figures avaliable for 2006-07, compiled by the TaxPayers’ Alliance annual report, released in March

OK – Tom is probably having a go at local authorities because he, like all the other robber barons that are MPs want a bit more of the public purse but dare not ask for it, just yet!

What pisses me off is that for some strange reason both Labour and Conservative governments do nothing to stop local taxes lining the pockets of people who run councils – but are not elected officials, eh?

Or do I have it wrong, Tom?

Shouldn’t councils be run by those who are elected with the staff to aid them? If not – then why the hell do we have elections?

What I would think would be a better post from Tom – or any other leech that there is in parliament would be a Bill to stop those robbing local councils and a reduction of the pay that MPs get – vote winner written all over that one.

You do, as always, get this argument:

The Local Government Association argues that its chief executives are paid modestly compared with private and public organisations with comparable turnovers and staffing levels. Paul Coen, the head of the association, has pointed out that a chief executive at a big council could earn on average more than twice as much in a public or private organisation of a similar size.

Then I have some advice for them – fuck off and get a job that pays this in the private sector! If you can, that is. That money could be used for a ‘For the sake of the children’ fund! Or getting the bins emptied on time and at regular intervals – or something far better than paying for a new Mercedes!

This irony is all the rage in the UK – one overpaid branch of government stating that another is overpaid, why, as I will insist on asking, doesn’t this government do something about rather than thinking up new draconian laws that deflate civil liberties – but is that too much to ask?

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0 Responses to Hmmm, ah – but – who is the government now?

  1. kennedy121 says:

    “Then I have some advice for them – fuck off and get a job that pays this in the private sector!”

    Lol, yeah I hate it when these idiots come out with the ‘I could make more in the private sectory’ argument… if they’re only doing the job for the money and not for the opportunity to serve the people, we don’t actually want them there.

    I guess a cap could be put on these peoples salaries, but I’m not sure what level it should be set at. To be honest, local councils are pretty illegitimate bodies as such a small percentage of the electorate vote for them, it’s a nonsense. It would be better to dissolve the counsels and have some system like jury service where citizens are called up to serve for a couple of weeks (still being paid by their employer or from a gov fund). I think most people would groan at the idea at first, but I think it could work and most people would make decisions not swayed by corporate power (ie, Pepsi coming along to a counsel and asking to put vending machines in the schools while paying £50k to counselors for the pleasure for example) and in the interest of the people.

  2. kennedy121 says:

    Oh, and there is another Labour MP blog on Word Press… Tom Harris I think and it’s absolutely pathetic. I though it would be an interesting insight into the life and work of a member of parliament representing the people, instead it’s childish partisan stabs and the opposition. He’d put pictures up of Cameron on his bike or outside of Woolworths with lame captions… good to know he’s got time for this kind of thing.

  3. Tom Watson says:

    Cheer up Will, there are many things in the world that warrant outrage like the above but a blog post about local government salaries is not one of them.

    The blog post referred to a broadsheet story about the Tories claiming they would reform local government if they got into power.

    My point was that in six of the eight councils, they are in power. They run those councils and can do what they want to salaries. In fact, central government would find it difficult to intervene to stop them if they wanted to.

    Still, I expect you probably new that already.

  4. Will Rhodes says:

    Hello, Tom – and thanks for commenting, it is great to see MPs interact with us minions.

    The outrage I feel is for your lords and masters in the Labour party as is now. Without writing at great length the 101 of what is wrong with the Labour party at this minute I do find it ironic that you say you cannot do anything about the salaries – yet you have government ministers who would wash away the civil rights of just about every person in the UK with ID schemes, unbelievable restrictions on ‘net access – recording every interaction of each individual in the country making phone calls, sending emails, and web surfing. I am sure that parliament could bring about a law or legislation – hell, even a Bill, green paper, white paper that would indicate your intention – yet it is the Tories who would do this if they take power?

    Not the Labour party I knew and loved, Tom.

    Whether it is a matter that these shysters are in Tory controlled councils or not still does not detract from the fact that your government has been in power for 11 years and done nothing about it – ironic, no?

    I could see your point if you had been in power for just a year and was trying to sort the mess left by the Tories, but – as I just said – that isn’t the case – so your argument is a moot one.

    And again, thanks for dropping by.

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