Happy New Year, Occupied France!


casablancaWatching Casablanca, I am often struck and intrigued by the casual interaction of Captain Renault and Major Strasser, the “powers that be” in unoccupied France and their off-hand discussions with “Richard Blane, American,” about invasion and occupation.  In today’s terms, Rick’s Café would be located in the Gaza Strip, just inside the boundaries, and Israeli soldiers would be the Gestapo while the bartenders would be pleasantly amusing and paunchy or sexually frustrated Palestinians just trying to make a buck.

The air strike would set off air warning sirens, and the planes leaving for Lisbon would probably make it to Cairo, or Frankfurt, where they escapees would then “Wait.  And wait.  And wait.”  The fictional occupation makes for a great backdrop in the movie, but the real occupation makes for a horrible New Year’s Eve.  And unlike the Bush White House, or apparently the incoming Obama Administration, I don’t find either side to be innocent.  Yes, this round of violence was set off by the rocket attacks Hamas launched into southern Israel.  But the “right of Israel to defend herself” has long since been exceeded. And unlike Yitzak Rabin’s breaking the arms of Arab troops rather than kill them in the Six Day War, there is no mercy and no quarter being given (or sought) from either side.

artflagafpgiAs I would not expect Iraqi nationalists to be reveling with the American occupation force in Baghdad, I don’t expect the Palestinians to be welcoming of the occupying Israelis.  But pursuing the destruction of the Palestinian State, which is what this latest round of air strikes and prepared ground invasions apparently is, with the tacit approval of the United States is like theDole Company complaining that the natives were getting out of hand because they protested the removal of the native Hawaiian queen.  It is a ridiculous claim that is supported by nothing but one-sided speculation irrespective of the “facts on the ground.”  Like Casablanca, which used the Nazi invasion of western Europe as a backdrop but dealt only tangentially with the reality, the invasion, occupation, and wholesale slaughter of Palestinians by Israelcannot be called self defense.

And for President-elect Obama, who is correct in asserting that there is only one President at a time, he needs to be a little more realistic – He is that President.  And there won’t be any walk off into the mist while the credits role. 

No peace in Gaza till Hamas rockets stop

U.N. Secretary General: ‘Not enough has been done in Gaza’

Israel rebuffs calls for 48-hour truce in Gaza

Obama leadership rates high as Bush’s after 9/11

Bush blames Hamas for Gaza conflict

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Cross-posted at Spreading the Word on December 31, 2008
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0 Responses to Happy New Year, Occupied France!

  1. museditions says:

    I did wonder when I saw your post title! It is my opinion that you have a balanced perspective here. 2008, a long, strange year is now history. I do have hope for the next months, and the role we can play in the drama to unfold.
    A Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Will!!!

  2. thebeadden says:

    It has been 60 years of this. Can you imagine? How many truces have been called and broken? A broken record is what it sounds like. A meaningless word used to keep the blindfolds on.

    CNN finally came out and told us the truce was broken by Israel first in March. People who do their homework already this.

    If people knew the 60 year treatment of the Palestinian people, I wonder if their opinion would be changed? I wonder if they were Christians people might care more, or if they were white people?

    I wonder what it will take to get people to care?

    I am waiting with bated breath to see what Obama will have to say or what actions he will take.

    Thank you for this article ReyMac. Thank you for raising awareness.

  3. thebeadden says:

    I meant November! Not March. I always do this at Will’s site. Sorry.

    It is such a shame the way the media has been so biased all these decades. Most people don’t even know the Palestinians have had their land stolen and crops ruined. They have no clue about the history.

    People need to sit down and think about if that was happening here, how they would feel about losing their home, their land. And being treated like animals. Worse than animals!

    I am hoping Obama doesn’t choose popularity over doing what is right. Let’s hope he comes out soon to say something. Everyone is waiting…

    Take Care

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