You shouldn't really laugh – but "I told you so" has a ring to it

CNN – Virginity pledges don’t mean much, study says

If you read through the article you see that there is a delay in having ones cherry popped, but only by a few years and the most shocking of all is:

Unmarried pledgers were less likely than non-pledgers to use birth control


Five years after the initial survey the study subjects were aged 20 to 23. Eighty-two percent of pledge takers denied (or forgot) they had ever taken such a vow. Overall pledge takers were no different from non-pledge takers in terms of their premarital sex, anal and oral sexual practices, and their probability of having a sexually transmitted disease.

Both groups lost their virginity at an average age of 21, had about three lifetime partners, and had similar rates of STDs. “And the majority were having premarital sex, over 50 percent,” says Rosenbaum. Overall, roughly 75 percent of pledgers and non-pledgers were sexually active, and about one in five was married.

So – basically, saying that making the pledge while indoctrinated to d so as a kid means precisely shite-all?

And we wonder why the religious types are the ones who are seen as hypocrites? Mostly they’re not – what happens is very similar to being brainwashed to blow yourself up on a packed bus – except you don’t do such a thing. You make the pledge with all good intentions and then hormones take over and kaboom – you’re having triplets, wanting to off yourself or worse still have an STD of the back bum.

This is, of course, the fault of the religious nut-job who shouts it all from the pulpit that you will go to hell if you should even see a bare ankle – we know that this isn’t the case but you know what I mean.

These are the same people who say that if you give kids the right kind of sex education in school will lead to a world of nymphets crawling all over the nearest male to get impregnated – while any sane person knows that education makes the kid think about what they are about to do. God gave that kid hormones and expects them to use ’em! Just saying no isn’t going to cut it – for pledgees or non-pledgees – but you can bet the kid who has an open relationship with their parents who are willing to discuss the world around them are the ones who tell Miss, Ms or Mr to wear a rubber!

And, how can you forget that pledge as some of them have said they do? They haven’t forgot – they just don’t want the guilt trip that goes along with remembering! And who can blame them?

Federal funds for abstinence only education programs have increased from $73 million in 2001 to $204 million in 2008. About 25 states apply for such funds each year to educate teens, says Rosenbaum. Sometimes programs are measured by how many teens take virginity pledges, not whether the teens stick to them, avoid sexually transmitted diseases or unplanned pregnancies, says Rosenbaum.

I wonder whose stupid idea that was?

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0 Responses to You shouldn't really laugh – but "I told you so" has a ring to it

  1. ReyMac says:

    If the answer to “whose stupid idea that was?” is Bush, Palin or other or “just say no” Nancy, do I get a bear as a prize?

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