The Middle Finger


artblagburriswgnWith the invention of the long bow during the Hundred Years’ War, flipping up your middle finger became a symbol of smug sarcasm and a self-satisfied expression of contempt.  It meant you were still armed and dangerous to your opposition.  Apparently, Governor Blagojevich still has his middle finger, which he currently has raised at the United States’ Congress, the voters and citizens of Illinois, President-elect Obama and his transition team, all while concurrently pointing it at Roland Burris.  Burris, Illinois’ first black state-wide elected official who won the comptroller’s office in 1979 has very little political potential after he fulfills this term of office.

Blagojevich’s appointment of a Senate replacement for President-elect Obama (with very little future benefit for his Democratic constituents) while he is under investigation for fraud and among other things, attempting to sell that same seat, is a Dick (Cheney) quality display of crass illegal manipulation with a smile.

The response of the Democratic Senators, though, in refusing  to seat Blagojevich’s appointment is exactly the display of ethics I hope to see more of.  It is now up to the Illinois state legislature to impeach the governor.  Only then will his middle finger be silenced.

Blagojevich names Obama succesor

Blagojevich pick raised money for the governor

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