To stop terrorist, to stop crime, to stop insane people marauding in schools – arm them…

…then all will be safe?

Or it could be a matter that the more people are armed, or under the illusion that having a gun will keep them safe, will stop all of the above, terrorists, crime, marauding imbeciles, etc – well to the gun lobby this is just a brilliant idea – but to more sane people it is insanity!

What if a person is armed and is just in a very pissed off mood, takes his/her family out and gets into an argument in, say, a movie theatre where someone is talking in front of them, tell them to shut up and then they don’t – with all those guns about – of course people will be responsible and not use it – wouldn’t they?

Of course that wouldn’t happen – no one would be that stupid as to shoot the person you were having an argument with!

James Joseph Cialella, 29, was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and weapons violations, a police report said.

Cialella told the family sitting in front of him in the theater on Christmas Day to be quiet, police said.

An argument ensued while others at the Riverview Movie Theatre watched “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Cialella then approached the family from the left side of the aisle and shot the father, who was not identified, as he was standing between Cialella and his family, according to the police report.


No – to those who believe that all should be armed – it will be the movies fault, or Brad Pitt’s fault, nothing at all to do with the fact this idiot was carrying a gun.

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0 Responses to To stop terrorist, to stop crime, to stop insane people marauding in schools – arm them…

  1. joseph says:

    You’re logic is flawed. You are making huge leaps and generalizing all people in order to form your opinion. No one is saying to arm absolutely everyone, there saying that you have a guaranteed right to own firearms. Period. The problem i see is that we are too dependent on the government for everything, and the reality is that government is simply a necessary evil, that will get out of control if not reigned in. Guns protect people from their government, if you take them away, you leave the U.S. just like every disarmed state in the world, begging for the U.N. to use foreign troops on their home soil. I for one will never agree to that.

  2. Andy says:

    “Guns protect people from their government”

    LOL, yeah, right. The government, that is to say the American federal government, has *nuclear weapons*, what good is a gun against that?

    If you’re really concerned about the government being oppressive of its people, then you’ve got to be more involved in the political process and not act like f*cking sheep *before* legislation that takes away our freedoms like the so-called “Patriot Act” gets passed.

  3. Alice says:

    This is why we need gun control laws. Its one thing to want to protect yourself from an intruder, its another thing to have the ability to express your anger at a family in the movie theater by carrying a gun and shooting it whenever you feel like it.

    Who knows how many gun owners have no self control and who come complete with anger management issues. We don’t test you for that when you buy a gun like you get your eye exam when you get a drivers license. If you open that door and let anyone and everyone own a gun, then prepare yourself for this type of outburst to be our new norm. You decide ……

  4. Chuck says:

    I wonder how ignorant and rude the family was to provoke this attack. Perhaps in the future, they will be more respectful of others. Thank God for short fused people with guns.They keep the rude and ignorant wondering.

  5. JohnRJ08 says:

    I am not opposed to the concept of people owning guns for the purpose of protecting themselves. I am against the lack of enforcement of many existing gun laws, and the unenforceability of the others. No gun store or gun show should be allowed to sell firearms or ammunition without a special government-issued license that must be renewed annually. Unlicensed guns should be confiscated and the owners fined. Don’t take guns away. Just make it more difficult to get them and the ammunition. The registration process should require a full background check with the fee for such a check paid for by the gun buyer, and at least a 2-week waiting period. People who feel they need to have firearm in their home for protection should have the right to own a gun. However, NOBODY should own firearms that are made specifically for killing many people, such as clip-fed assault rifles and machine guns. Possessing one of those should be a felony. The man cited in the article here who shot a father in a theater, isn’t a criminal just because he shot someone. He was wearing a concealed weapon and probably doesn’t have a license to carry it. It is also more than likely that his pistol wasn’t registered. For those reasons alone, he belongs in jail. No other country in the world has the gun-related problems we have in the U.S. It’s totally out of control.

  6. Adam Morgan says:

    1. Chuck is the Man!
    2.We do not go to cinema anymore because of people who cannot shut up for a moment. I just buy the dvd if it’s that good. (and I know some people who rather download them than watch the movie with monkeys)
    Humans should be able to understand that it is not a bar, a restaurant (most people in the US think it is) it’s a cinema. You watch the movie & leave, you do not need your mouth to watch it. I understand if people laughing, crying, got scared.. That’s normal, but discussing completely irrelevant subjects, being an A$$ just to annoy ppl, showing off, changing diaper on a baby or regulating their dumb kids should not be allowed. The movie management should bounce all these people out. The movies are affraid to say anything because they think they will loose customers but truth is they loose WAY MORE by letting this going on.. I know a dozen or more people who do not go to movies anymore b/c of the shouting, talking eating, drinking, burfing, farting, talking on the phone people.
    Any human being w/an IQ of 50 or above should be able to remember the story 1hour later and can discuss the movie w/their friends/family. There is absolutely no reason to ruin other’s fun/time.
    BTW this is not only a PA special. It’s happening everywhere in the US… and in other countries too of course, but jst because many people eat/talk/drink in the movies doesn’t mean it’s right.
    3. Joseph you are either 6, or challenged in many ways. Your 9mm will not save you against an ARMY. That is what your gvmnt would use against you if needed. Idiots gave all the power to the gvmt. They have TOTAL power. (that’s what you call dictatorship in other countries, LMAO, you don’t see the forest from the trees) Yes there is a sugarcoated “land of freedom” crap they throw in front of you so you can chew on it.. it occupies the idiots..
    4. I still would allow guns, but with controls like in normal countries. 21 or over, multi-steps tests, recorded id, fingerprint, dna..etc. No AK47s either.
    5 those idiots who think the other guy should have had a gun too.. it’s easier to learn manners and not talk in the cinema…

  7. Eddie says:

    How many of us have wanted to shoot some asshole for talking during a movie? How about the theater management taking charge and doing their job? You are there to see a movie not socialize. The other patrons came to watch a movie and paid to do so. Maybe its time we started respecting others and stop thinking about ourselves. We have to deal with self-indulgent assholes at work, on the road, and in pretty much all public places. And for the most part, we let these jerks do whatever they want. Death to narcissists!

  8. Dean Kent says:

    One of the interesting things about ‘logic’ is that even if used flawlessly, you can come to an incorrect conclusion if your basic facts are wrong.

    People can conjecture all day long about what people might do under various circumstances, and unless one is a trained psychologist one is likely to be making incorrect assumptions about how people will act.

    But, if one actually looks at various real situations one might be able to come to valid conclusions, because one does not have to use potentially incorrect conjectures.

    Look at crime rates in places where it is difficult for anyone to carry guns, where it is only difficult for law-abiding citizens to carry guns, and where it is relatively easy for anyone to carry guns. What you might see is that the worst crime is in those areas where it is difficult only for law-abiding citizens to carry.

    From that, one could conclude that ‘sane’ people recognize that allowing anyone to carry is much better than a situation where criminals are able to, while nobody else is. Frankly, I find it extremely difficult to imagine a society that can actually prevent *anyone* from carrying. Case in point – I worked with a person who escaped from behind the Iron Curtain (when it existed). He spoke of how easily he could get many banned items via the blackmarket – which was rampant in even the most repressive society.

    Perhaps it is my upbringing, but I personally don’t like the idea of having to conform to what ‘the majority’ thinks is the right thing to do. The idea of individual freedom is that people who have different beliefs (whether political, religious, sexual, etc.) are free to exercise them as long as they don’t infringe upon the rights of others. But that implies allowing them to exercise the freedom *until* they abuse their right – not *before* the use it. Sadly, freedom and security are two opposing ideas, and trying to balance them is a very difficult act.

  9. Mike Johnson says:


    “No gun store or gun show should be allowed to sell firearms or ammunition without a special government-issued license that must be renewed annually.” – They are, it’s called an FFL. Very hard to get, easy to lose.

    “The registration process should require a full background check with the fee for such a check paid for by the gun buyer” – already in place. In PA it’s called the PIC system all sellers must call and a check on the buyer is made for the sale to be approved. To carry concealed in PA, you must also go through a more rigorous process to actually get a permit to carry a firearm.

    “However, NOBODY should own firearms that are made specifically for killing many people, such as clip-fed assault rifles and machine guns. Possessing one of those should be a felony.” – assault rifles is a mythic label. I can take a standard ruger 22, add a plastic stock, pistol grip and flash suppressor to it and it’s now an “assault rifle” rather than a hunting rifle? Not logical. And as to machine guns, those have been illegal to own without going through piles and piles of permit paperwork by the feds for a long time already.

    That’s the problem with most gun control advocates I’ve encountered. They are completely ignorant regarding firearms yet they espouse laws to regulate them. I also find it frustrating that many gun supporters take a stance of “it’s my right, you ain’t taking them!” and don’t take a more lucid approach at educating people about their views. I also encourage anyone who wants to put stricter limitation on gun ownership to review the crime rate statistics in areas with strict ownership controls in place. Until recently, D.C. was the murder capital of the nation, yet had the strictest ownership laws on the books. New York, Baltimore, all with strict ownership laws, also high crime rates. Vermont and Texas, relaxed ownership laws, low crime rates.

    As to the moron who shot the guy in the theater, all I can say is that in any segment of the population, be it gun owners, car owners, or golfers, you will find those anomalies that deviate from the norm and garner negative attention to that group. A few drunk drivers don’t make all car owners irresponsible nor do a few guys who chuck their clubs into the lake on a bad drive make all golfers have anger issues.

  10. Sean says:

    I wonder how many gun control lobbyists had the blogs already written for a scenario like this, with blanks for the names and location. The liberal venom was dripping from their fangs long before the 2nd Amendment’s delicate jugular vein was exposed by this meatball. Before we go forward with killing one of those many annoying guarantees our founding fathers so recklessly insinuated upon us, to the chagrin of the collective DNC, let’s play out the scenario:

    1) Handguns or any concealed weapon are banned outright.
    2) Parents who don’t know how to control their kids go to a movie in a notoriously unsafe city and let them “experess their inner child” in a movie that is clearly over their heads and does not contain talking bears and wolves who inexplicably love humans and small furry animals and live forever w/o eating.
    3) Another fight breaks out. With no weapons available, the two parties….

    Ok, fill in the blanks for me, folks:
    A) … shake hands, have one of those made-for-Lifetime-TV moments with the violins in the background and go home having taught their kids a better lesson.
    B) … tear off cheap plastic arm rests from chairs, creating a plastic shiv which readily gets plunged into each other’s abdomen. Armrests are banned from movie theaters, and the concession stands stop sellin popcorn and beverages because there is no place to put them. I get annoyed and stop going to theaters. (Wait, I already did that part)
    C) … beat the crap out of each other with their bare hands. Hands are identified as concealable weapons. A bill to ban hands passes in the senate due to the democratic majority, but narrowly fails in Congress due to the inadequate explaination of just how we’re going to remove them all and who will write opressive legislation in this nanny state w/o hands. A revised bill bans pockets on pants and requires everyone to wear blow-up toy boxing gloves, with an attached law requiring all blow-up boxing glove toys to be transparent so the hands will not be concealed.

    I don’t know why we bother repeating it, but guns don’t kill people. People kill people — they just sometimes use guns because it saves looking for a rock. There are animals in every society, and if they want to kill, they’ll find the most efficient means you leave them with. Taking away handguns won’t even annoy them in the heat of battle.

    I shouldn’t even bash the perpetrator. Ok, shooting someone in a theater was not the best solution with kids present, and yeah, I did read “strapped under his sweatpants”. That image alone is disturbing. Still, we don’t know all the details. Both men had families present, and we know an arguement ensued. This is Phillie, so someone was bound to be armed. The other guy might have threatened him. He may have claimed to be armed himself. His kid may have pulled a water pistol, which would have played this scene out even if the guy with the gun was a cop. We also don’t know if they guy carrying the gun had a permit, or if the gun was legal. If not, no gun-control law in the world would have helped here.

    Here’s reality, folks. Guns exist. As long as they exist, banning them from the hands of law-abiding citizens is only throwing the balance in favor of the “haves”, whether it be an increasingly invasive government, criminals obtaining guns by theft or black market, foreign military or criminals who come from countries that do not have such laws, etc. If you want to end guns forever and ever, stop trying to stick fingers in the dike, and invent a full-body bullet-proof garment that renders them obsolete. If you’re not in the nanotech field, I suggest you build a bomb shelter and lock yourself and your kids inside. It’s a scary world out there… even for the talking bears.

  11. lunawolf says:

    I have two words that perfectly describe why registration and education should be mandatory for gun owners and why some people should not be allowed to carry or have the weapons at all: Plaxico Burgess.

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