For the sake of the children – the internet will be censored

OK – not just yet, but let’s start looking at the possibilities

When a politician uses the words; “for the sake of the children” or one of the million other derivatives thereof – you know what is going on in their mind.

They are thinking, that is a loose term, about something that will stop access to information. They will say that this isn’t the case – they will baulk at the idea will cause anyone any problems and will reiterate that, because of their actions, children will be safer – so if you actually call them out on it, it will be seen as a direct attack on Mr and Mrs Smith’s children and you will be demonised in some way.

The same can be said for the word ‘pervasive’ – what could be more pervasive than government, and the stupid laws it keeps enacting? But that is another blog.

Culture Secretary Andy Burnham (UK) says that there should be a rating system on the internet – something like they do on movies or console games, R rated because of certain content. Now, looking at the fact that the internet is quite big, and full of all sorts of content, would this blog be censored?

Strangely it could be – basically because I allow expletives to be used. But, as always there is a problem with censoring things – dear Andy has a massive problem you see – and that problem is exactly the same as with DVD’s – parents see a film and disagree with the censor and allow their children to watch a movie that the censor deems not applicable to that age group. The DVD retailer or renter will, as is by law, only sell the DVD to someone who comes in to rent or buy – who watches the film is none of their business.

So anything that is the Labour government they are taking a jack-hammer to break a walnut.

It isn’t governments place to legislate what happens in the home – while I do agree that you shouldn’t be able to take you child to see ‘Saw’ at the movies – that is an adult domain, and I don’t think it is apt that kids watch that genre of film at home – but it is up to the parents to oversee what their kids are doing.

What dear Andy obviously doesn’t understand is there are many pieces of software out on that very evil internet that you can download so that kiddie doesn’t watch certain content – or he does and just wants to forge ahead with his stupid idea.

This is a member of parliament, a person that you would think is an educated person – but as dad used to say “educated idiot comes to mind”. On the very PC that his darling children are using you have content restrictions if you want to utilise them – odd then that he asks for censorship – but the question I ask, is why isn’t he or Mrs Andy supervising what the kiddies are doing online?

He must be a busy man not to allow his kids to be supervised.

Mr Burnham’s plans are likely to anger those who advocate the freedom of the worldwide web.

He insisted he was not trying to curb free speech, but wanted to protect the public from “unacceptable” material.

“It’s not about banning or stopping people having that freedom of expression,” he said. “It’s simply about clearer signposting, more information, so people know where they’re working.”

And that is called bullshit!

Many places you have to sign-up for and stipulate that you’re a certain age – many ask if you are over that age – and now he wants to add a rating to that content?

How about, as he is ‘Culture secretary’ he does something regarding culture – like advocating a day for the English? How about he gets plenty of culture in schools? How about he supervises his kids on the internet? How about he promotes culture?

Rather than that he chooses to inflict internet censorship – obviously for the sake of the children – but as always when this happens – the prick who advocates it never thinks of the bigger picture.

You are wanting internet censorship Mr Burnham – it is as simple as that – there are other who agree with your idiotic idea, but you never will censor the internet in your way unless you do as China does – that is where you are looking.

Why the hell are these people paid so much?

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0 Responses to For the sake of the children – the internet will be censored

  1. eksith says:

    This type of blame shifting and finger pointing coupled with “for the sake of children” legislation is why the “war on drugs” and “war on poverty” have been such spectacular failures.

    Politicians use this excuse to pretend like they care and to reinforce their public image (and its a convenient way circumvent the fact that the law is usually a decade or two behind popular culture).

    And parents use this excuse to avoid doing their job. And to avoid talking to their children about difficult or embarrassing subjects like sex, nudity, drugs, and violence.

    Message to all parents:
    Quit being a prude!

    Being a parent isn’t an easy job, it isn’t a resonable job, and it’s quite hard to get it right. But that doesn’t mean they can legislate morality in order to make the world act as a nanny for their children.

    I know how hard it is to raise one child, let alone two or more (I can imagine I wasn’t exactly the easiest “bundle of joy” to deal with when I was a kid). It’s not that I don’t appreciate the incredible resolve, sacrifice and strength needed to accomplish it.

    But If a child is engaging in objectionable activities, then the parents screwed up!

    No one knows a child like their parents. At least that’s the way it should be. Parent should know if their children are mature enough to handle this content and if they’re objective enough to discern fantasy from reality.

    I firmly believe that if a child does something wrong, irrespective of degree, the parents should share blame.

    If I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again no one should be immune to personal responsibility.

  2. Leaving the rights and wrongs of this to others, there are so many holes in the scheme that it would never work anyway. The internet was designed to be a robust, “self repairing” network and the only way to an effect age-based check would be to impose completely unacceptable conditions on every user in the world.

  3. ReyMac says:

    When I read some of the stuff the UK is trying to do (like this, or the teacher morality code), I am floored. This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard of. Thanks for keeping me in the international loop, and keeping me focused on what we in the US really need to be working on.

  4. leapsecond says:

    At the risk of exposing myself: read this article from today’s Guardian.

    Welcome back, Brett!!

  5. virgomonkey says:

    And parents use this excuse to avoid doing their job. And to avoid talking to their children about difficult or embarrassing subjects like sex, nudity, drugs, and violence.

    Thank you for saying this!! So true. This is just my observation, but spending time with your children (at least in the US) has expired and has been replaced with over-reproducing parents who are both working full-time and only very rarely spending quality or happy time with their children.

    THAT’S what causing all the problems with children these days. And these same kids become adults one day and are even worse.

    I am 40, and as gloomy as this sounds, I am happy to not be alive to watch the full story of what kind of future these young psychotics are going to create.

    Have you guys ever seen “Idiocrisy”? You really, really need to see it. It’s a comedy with a true and serious message behind it.

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