The attack on Parliament is unravelling – but who is ultimately responsible?

Police taped arrest of MP Green.

Without a full, independent public enquiry it will never be really known who gave the go ahead for the police to raid parliament – but it is certain that someone in the civil service knew about it – they did, after all, give the go ahead.

Police had been asked by the Cabinet Office to investigate alleged leaks from the Home Office.

As you can see all these departments are linked – not on a tenuous string where there is a possibility of someone is this office knowing that someone in that office or department had said this or that. They are directly linked and this means we have to look at the heads of these government ministries, or at least the cabinet members. Swearing that they didn’t know just doesn’t cut it.

One of those involved must have known – I have my personal suspicion which would be Jacqui Smith – but she will never mention in a biblical whisper that she is wrong – we know this from the carry-on film-like ID speculation.

When I went looking on the websites as to who possibly could be involved, you come across The Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP – Minister for the Cabinet Office, as the police have said the order comes directly from his department then we have to look further:

Liam Byrne is Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

He is responsible for helping to coordinate work across government, and leads the government’s efforts to tackle social exclusion, support the third sector and coordinate the improvement of public services.

Liam Byrne MP was previously a Home Office Minister of State for Borders and Immigration, and Minister for the West Midlands. Before that he spent a year as Under-Secretary of State for Care Services at the Department of Health.

Convenient, no?

If we go back and look at the whole sorry escapade we see that the alleged leaks were about: [A]lleged leaks from the Home Office. And about:

There have been a number of high profile leaks of information from the Home Office, stretching back to last year, including:

• A leaked e-mail from Home Secretary Jacqui Smith‘s private secretary in July 2007 showed she had chosen not to publicise the fact that licences had been granted to security guards who were illegal immigrants. She denied there had been a “blunder” but later admitted that as many as 11,000 illegal immigrants may have been cleared to work as security staff.

A memo to Home Office minister Liam Byrne was leaked to reveal in February this year that an illegal immigrant had been employed as a cleaner in the House of Commons.

• A draft Home Office letter to Downing Street was then leaked in August, in which Jacqui Smith warned that a recession could lead to a rise in crime. The Home Office said the document was draft advice which had not been cleared by the home secretary.

It is a matter, then, that you join the dots and it will take you to the people who were probably involved – but without the independent enquiry you won’t get to that and you will get a government white-wash over the matter.

A parliament for the people, eh?

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