OK – what are American small-town values?

Ruben Navarrette says Sarah Palin’s critics challenged her because of prejudices about small-town values.

Will someone answer that because I really don’t know!

If Navarrette is saying that having an ill educated, America only and first, gun-toting, animal shooting, un-worldly-wise person as the president of the US, well haven’t the US just got rid of one of those?

While the election was on and John McCain rolled out Palin I was with one and all who said “WTF? WHO?”

Please don’t get me wrong – I WANT the GOP to pick her above all others. I WANT the GOP to say she will be the saviour of their party – I WANT them never to be elected to any power EVER in the US again. The conservative Republicans, well, they could be palatable – as long as they stick with conservative policies – not the idiotic policies of Bush – for Bush was not a Republican Conservative, what he is and was I don’t think we will ever know – but Palin is in the same mould.

What does she stand for? Well – not education is one. Against women’s rights is another and certainly against the US constitution – that is a given – so is Navarrette saying that this is what small-town America is all about?

Is small-town America all about placing the government up on a pedestal so much so that they cannot be questioned, it is seen as unpatriotic to do so – Bush exclaimed that in his “You are either for us or against us” that in itself indicating, especially in the US, the government cannot be questioned.

That isn’t the America I knew – you had people on the streets at one point in US history – they were questioning the US government with force.

I never have understood what a small-town vocalist was, they insist they it is something that all can value and we all should live in some incomprehensible world where white picket fences were the norm. Where granpa would sit out on the deck and clean his AK-47, just in case the government became tyrannical. And they were the people, are still the people, who feel that Palin is ‘The One’ – certainly not a man who is as intelligent as Barack Obama.

Is it still seen in small-town America elitist to be educated?

Education opens the mind – makes you think of what is, what was and what can be.

The most significant divide in America isn’t Red State vs. Blue State, it’s rural vs. urban. The country mouse and the city mouse are still slugging it out.

That – I cannot understand either. While rural is good, no doubt about that – urban is good, too. Why would rural so-called values mean more than urban ones? And are they that different?

Where do most Americans live? In rural areas or in urban ones? Is the US living in the 21st century or some mythical 1950’s one?

Navarrette is like most small-town thinkers, well he is to me, he cannot grasp that the US is a vast inter-linked country and those values he holds, although not unique to him, are not the values that most Americans what to live by – and they do lead to an rather inept cowboy politic while looking at both the US and the rest of the world.

During a recent interview with the conservative newspaper, Human Events, Palin was asked if she thought her humble background accounted for some of the flak she got from the media. Palin acknowledged that she didn’t come from elite stock, but said that she was grateful for that.

“I got my education from the University of Idaho because that’s what I could afford,” she said. “No, I don’t come from the self-proclaimed ‘movers and shakers’ group and that’s fine with me. It’s caused me, or rather, allowed me, to work harder and pull myself up by my bootstraps without anyone else helping me. I think it allows me to be in touch with the vast majority of Americans who are in the same position that I am.”

Sarah Palin understands a lot about America. Too bad many Americans don’t understand Sarah Palin. No worries. They may get another chance to acquaint themselves with her — in say, four years.

But they do, Ruben, they do – that is why they rejected her as forcefully as they did.

If Americans do “acquaint themselves with her — in say, four years.”, I think you will find that many of those independents and swing voters go for Obama more than you realise.

Sarah Palin may understand Wasilla, Alaska – but she doesn’t have a clue what national government is all about – that she proved time and time again.

But let her run unchallenged by any other Republican I say – we will see what happens — in say four years.

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0 Responses to OK – what are American small-town values?

  1. virgomonkey says:

    Don’t pay attention to Bush’s idiotic “you’re either for us or against us”. We old-fashioned liberals are still fighting and that’s what got Obama in office. Our picket signs are still in the closet, and when needed again, we’ll just brush ’em off and continue being loud.

    I think that many on the Left lost faith in the electoral system entirely after election 2000 when Al Gore won the popular vote. This is why I suspect not as many showed up to vote in 2004.

    Obama meant hope for many Americans, and cynical Americans thought that they’d chance it out of pure desperation to get this country back on track. And we got it.

    This is all just my speculation, though. As for me, I vote no matter what’s going on or how corrupt a system is. But some were THAT angry – well, angry enough to throw in the towel. And angry enough to move to Europe and Canada.

    Nobody will dare to take our free speech away. At least I’m not intimidated. Our rights are still protected on paper no matter how hard the far Right tries to silence our speech. They can’t do it, and that pisses them off.

    And join the club. I have no f’n clue what the hell is a small town “value”. 🙄

    See, it’s this crap that makes me more pissed off at the far Right or whatever these freaks of nature want to call themselves. We are all human beings first before anything else.

    Bush and Palin are both divisive extremist scum. They don’t represent the US. America was non-existent for the last eight years.

    Thank god Obama won!!!!

  2. PiedType says:

    I was going to say small town values are what Americans rejected at the polls. But that would be a little too easy. There are some small town values worth preserving. The main one that comes to mind is helping your neighbor. It doesn’t matter if you know them or not. You jump in, no questions asked, and help a neighbor in need. It’s that community thing that goes back to our earliest days when we banded together as a matter of survival.

  3. eksith says:

    I think the biggest issue here is that they’ve have taken the label “small-town America” and bastardised the definition.

    Just as they did to the term “conservative”.

    I happen to know quite a few people from “small-town America” who dispise what has happened to their image thanks to these people.

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